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17 Things to Keep in Mind for 2017!

Wow oh wow what a life I have been living. The start of the year has been literally insane between my sorority, classes starting, and getting back into working! I cannot even begin to explain how crazy it is to me that it is already January 17th! WHAT?! Where did the time even go?! I find that the beginning of the year is always some kind of a rat race and that it is important to slow down and put things in perspective. It can be easy to forget the important things when you are juggling a bunch of things at one time. Here are some things to keep in mind for 2017!

  1. Living an organized life is easier than living an unorganized life
    • Get a planner, use a calendar. Stop running the same fire drill every week because you forgot about a due date. Don’t cause yourself stress and give yourself premature wrinkles! Be organized.
  2. Take time for yourself
    • Take a break from all your work. Watch an episode on Netflix of your favorite show or a video from your favorite YouTuber. It will leave you refreshed and ready to work again.
  3. Take more pictures than you think you need too
    • Something I always regret at the end of the year is that fact that I didn’t take enough pictures during the year. They are memories caught in the moment, so take all the candids you can girl!
  4. Say “YES!” to more opportunities
    • Say ‘yes’ to opportunities that will help you grow, and no to the ones you just aren’t interested in. Don’t feel bad for saying ‘no’  either.
  5. Make time for the people you love
    • This is something that I am personally working on. With bae being gone for six months, I am making a better effort at spending time with my friends because I love them and they make me happy.
  6. Write something down that you want to remember at least once a week
    • Speaking of bae, he bought us a journal with a question a day for both of us to answer. I have come to love it and look forward to answering the question each day. Invest in one of these because they are fun and they draw up memories you may have forgotten about!
  7. Invest in yourself in some way
    • It could be working out a little more, buying something you have been wanting, or getting more sleep. Invest in yourself in some way that makes you happier or live a little healthier.
  8. Stash away your extra cash
    • Invest in a piggy bank! I know they are for five year olds but I have one and let me tell you, it has some mad cash in it. I always put all my extra cash in it as soon as I can because if I can’t see it, I can’t spend it. Then, when I want a little fun money, I break into Winston (my piggy bank) without spending anything out of my bank account!
  9. On the same note…spend smarter!
    • Maybe stop hitting the bars every weekend with your friends. Budget your weekly Starbucks money so you aren’t spending $30 a week in coffee. You might find it is easier to do than you might think it is!
  10. Take responsibility for your mistakes
    • If you majorly screw up, own up to it. People tend to respect you more if you own up to a mistake than if you try and deny that it ever happened.
  11. Apologize when you need to
    • And only when you need to. This is another thing I am working on. I find that I say “sorry” for things that I should not be apologizing for. If you know you need to apologize, do it, and mean it.
  12. Set one intention, and stick to it
    • I use the word “intention” instead of resolution because “intention” to me is more personal than a resolution. For example, one of my new intentions is to let things go a little easier than I normally do. Intensions for me are smaller things than maybe a resolution would be.
  13. Be kinder to the people in your life
    • This goes for anyone, not just the people you are close to. Say hello to people you walk by in the hallway, ask your barista how their day is going. Being kind is so easy to do, so practice it often.
  14. Eat the donut. Just do it.
    • Forget your “look hot for Spring Break” diet for once and just eat the damn donut. It will not kill you, I promise.
  15. Do something spontaneous
    • Book that trip with your friends for the summer. Go on a road trip to a city you have never been to before just because. The spontaneous things are typically the ones we remember the most.
  16. Appreciate the small things that make you happy
    • I did this in a blog post a few weeks back. You can check out all the little things I love here.
  17. Learn to laugh at yourself
    • Laugh at yourself when you spell something wrong in an important email. Laugh when you say something stupid in front of a big group of people. We live in a very serious, up-tight world these days. Bring a little laughter and light to people by laughing at your own silliness.

There you have it. 17 things to keep in mind for 2017. Make this year great. Set new intentions. What are some things that you are trying to keep in mind this year?

Shine on,


p.s. just realized I’m writing 17 things on January 17th, 2017….I’m geeked 😆


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