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5 Shoes You Need for Fall (And for Back to School!)

Fall is fast approaching, as is the new school year, which means yet another seasonal transition in all of our closets! Shoes always seem to be one of the harder pieces to transition through…Over the summer, we all become so attached to our bright strappy sandals and flip flops that giving them up can be hard. Another challenge? Finding shoes that work for a season where one day the sun is out and its 80 degrees and the next day its overcast and 52. In order to make life a little easier, here are the five types of shoes that you need for fall and back to school! 

A Slip-On Sandal:


Birkenstock Arizona’s ($110): Birkenstocks have been around for 230 years according to their website and have been in and out of the style for just as long. Currently, they are so so in! I love them so much I own two pairs, including the pair pictured (you can frequently see them on my Instagram). Why are they a must have for fall and school? Because not only are they comfortable to walk across campus in but they are also a great staple shoe that goes with anything on those unusually hot fall days! An important note though, they can take time to break in so don’t buy them on a Sunday and walk six miles around campus the next day! 

Comfortable Sneakers:


Vans Black Perforated Slip-Ons ($60)Hey look! Its another pair of shoes that I own! I have owned these Vans for two years now and right behind my denim vest, they are the most worn piece in my closet. I LOVE these shoes! Love to the point where my friends ask if I own any other shoes because they are tired of seeing them (bye haters!). These black sneakers are great because they,  like the Birkenstocks, are super comfy for walking! Walking comes with being a student of any kind and finding a comfortable sneaker is a must. These ones just happen to be black and go with anything and can make any outfit look super cool because of the perforated leather 😎

Versatile Boots(ies):


Nordstrom “Valli” Bootie ($149.95): Okay tbh, I don’t own these ones BUT I do own shoes like these ones. As a girl, a good bootie is just generally a closet must have but fall is PRIME bootie time (*cue middle school snicker because I said “bootie time”). Booties like these take any outfit up a notch to be cute and stylish. The perfect piece to put a bootie with in fall is either a patterned dress or a pair of skinny jeans! Whichever you decide to do, your outfit will instantly be on point and Instagram worthy! (Go ahead girl take yo picture!)

An Anywhere Heel:


Sole Society “Coralie” Heel ($74.95)Any female, woman, girl, lady, NEEDS to own a good pair of heels that they can wear for any occasion. Now, I’m not saying you need to be wearing heels everyday because honestly nobody has time to ice their feet every night because they wore heels all day. What I am saying is you should have a comfortable pair of heels that you can wear to an internship during the day and a birthday dinner in the evening if need be! I suggest these heels from Sole Society (a personal fav for shoes because of their cheap prices!), because of the height of the heel and the style. The scalloped edging adds more detail to the usual plain black pumps that are commonly seen. Who doesn’t love a little scallop detail? 

From Class to Dinner Flats:


Madewell D’Orsay Flat in Suede ($98)The last staple that a girl needs in her closet for fall is a great, all day flat. These flats from Madewell fit the bill with their sleek design and solid color of black (they also come in maroon, tan, and a pattern as well for some flair!). These flats are suede which is perfect for fall and adds a little sophistication to any outfit and can work with a great pair of skinnies during class and a LBD for a night out with your girls!


Do you have any of these shoes in your closet? If not I hope this post helps you in any future or current shoe shopping endeavor! Per usual, all products are linked in the descriptions and the photos are those of the online store websites! Happy shopping!

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