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5 Tasty Treats to Make for March Madness!

Got a favorite team still in the March Madness tournament? Honestly, I am never a big basketball person but there is something exciting about your school advancing to the next round. If you are planning on having a March Madness party, or not and you just want some tasty treats, here are some that are super easy that you can make!

Basketball Popcorn Bags:

How cute are these basketball popcorn bags! All you need are some orange colored lunch bags and a Sharpie and BOOM, basketball popcorn bag. Fill with your favorite already cooked popcorn or throw some in the microwave and you are ready to watch your favorite team play! (via Unsophisticook)

Oreo Basketballs:

These look challenging, but they are not. They are just chocolate covered Oreos with a little bit of black frosting piped on top. Use some white chocolate, melt it down, and color it with food coloring. Then, take some black frosting and pipe on the basketball lines with the help of a plastic bag. They are that easy! (via 2 Wired 2 Tired)

Nutter Butter Referees:

Another treat that is made with the magic of melted chocolate! For these, melt down some white chocolate, dip in the Nutter Butter, and let them harden. Then take frosting colored with food coloring and pipe on the black jersey lines. Using some white and black frosting, pipe on the eyes and mouth! (via The Girl Who Ate Everything)

Basketball Topped Cupcakes:

Now, these are way easier than they might seem. If you don’t want to take the time to make the cupcakes, simply go buy some from the grocery and fancy them up a bit. Just print off some little basketballs and tape them to some cute paper straws for the decorations! (via Love the Day)

Basketball Reeses:

By far the easiest of them all, just Reese’s and some orange frosting. Easily, under a $10 treat to meet the needs of every poor college student in town. Not only that, they take maybe ten minutes to put together? Not to bad for a snack everyone will enjoy! (via Dark & Dutchesses)

Who are you rooting for this round of March Madness? I’m rooting for my school for sure! If you are planning a party, make sure to make some of these yummy treats! Huge shoutout to all the amazing bloggers featured in this post, they are linked in the description and the photos belong them them😊

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