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5 Things To Do Before Heading To College! | BTS Series

Whether you are going into your senior year or you are just starting off as a freshman, there are a couple of things we should all do before heading back to school. These are things that we don’t really think about but when brought up, make you go, “Oh yeah, I should totally do that!” You may have already done these things but if you haven’t, here are five things to do before heading to college! 

1. Clean out your Facebook page!

This is really important when you are first going off to school and when you start applying for jobs. We post things online all the time and then forget we posted them years later. Remember those embarrassing pictures you took on your webcam in eighth grade? Yeah, those don’t go away on their own! Which means they are probably visible on your Facebook page. You do not want a potential roommate or employer to see those. Do a deep dive on yourself and clear out some of the old photos you don’t want others seeing! It is always good to constantly be thinking about what we post online which is something we have heard for years now, but always good to keep in mind. Just remember to keep it clean, current, and classy!

2. Get rid of any old stuff at home that you no longer want!

Nothing is worse than coming home and finding a bunch of stuff still in your room that you no longer want. Take the time before you move out to box things up and either donate them or throw them away. Take out the trash and just generally clean up your space, trust me, you will thank yourself later for it.

3. Do a closet purge!

This connects directly back to #2, clean out your closet. During high school we collect so many clothes and rarely ever get rid of any. While your cleaning out your room, clean out your closet. Try things on that you haven’t worn in forever and see if you still like them or if they even fit. If they don’t, donate them or try and resell them for a little bit of pocket money. Then, think about what you actually need for school. Pro tip: take your clothes to school in seasons. What I mean by that is only bring what you need until your first major break, and then swap things out when you go home. You don’t need your winter coat taking up space in your closet in August. Instead, leave it at home and when you go home for the first time, take home your summer/ fall clothes and swap them out for your winter stuff!

4. Reach out to your roommate and plan on who is bringing what!

Do not wait until move-in day to talk to her. That will be weird and make things more awkward than they need to be. You can contact her through email, which your university will give to you when you pair up, or reach out over Facebook! Try and plan out who is bringing what for your room. Is she bringing the mini-fridge or you? It’s good to plan ahead so you don’t wind up with two of everything in your room because let’s be honest, you so don’t have space for that.

5. Make your appointments and check that you are covered!

Do you have your financial aid figured out? What about your banking? When was the last time you saw your doctor? These are the little things you need to make sure you have figured out and completed before you go to school. Get all your appointments done at home because trying to find a doctor or dentist is super hard if you go to a school too far away from home. Make sure you and your parents have figured out financial aid and that school is covered because that would be another headache to try and deal with while classes are in session. Making sure you have all of this done is a great thing to ask your mom or dad for help with. I find that my parents are suddenly very willing to help before I “leave the nest” for school. I think its a sentimental thing, really.

There is a lot to do before going back to school but these things won’t take you too long. Just set aside the time and get them done! I did all of these things before I started school my freshman year and still do them each year to this day. I find that they save me a lot of time in the long run! What is something you like to do before the school year starts?

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