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5 Things To Avoid Within Your First Month of School!

The first month of school can be insanely overwhelming with everything going on and classes starting. You might find that you aren’t really sure what to do with yourself because you are so overwhelmed. Fret not dear friend, here are five things to avoid within your first month of school! 

Sign up for too much stuff

Watch out for all those call out meetings and the lists that you put your email on. They will reach out to you and try and get you to come to every meeting which will get annoying. Save yourself the trouble and don’t over load yourself. You do not need to be in the International Piano Club, Student Government, chess league, and the Pink Haired Student Alliance (okay, that last one you might need to be in…). Just pick your favorite and stick with one. Signing up for too much early on will be way to stressful in the heat of the semester.

Go home on the weekends

I know your mom will love it, I know you want to see your dog, but don’t do it. Don’t go home on the weekends. Especially don’t go home on the weekends if you’re already homesick because it will just make it worse coming back to campus. I know it sounds harsh, but my mom told me I wasn’t allowed to come home the first month, and it actually made being away easier. While I did miss her and my pups, knowing that I wasn’t going home kind of forced me to adjust to being away. Try your best to just be away and work on getting used to being on campus.

Skip class “just because”

Do the math on how much you spend on classes and you will quickly find out why you should never skip class “just because”. This is a horrible habit to get into the first month because while it’s easy to slip by and not go, you will pay for it in the long run. Plus, skipping a bunch of class in the beginning of the semester does not leave the best impression of yourself to your professors. Just suck it up and muddle through the silly Gen. Ed. classes your school makes you take because you’re paying for them whether you go or not.

Ignore your student email

I once heard a kid in Starbucks say he hadn’t checked his email in over a month and I truly did not know how he was still in school. You’re email is your best friend in college. Important information, event announcements, and updates from your professors all come through email so it’s best that you start checking it at least once a day. If you’re anything like me, you will check it so often that you open it more than you do the Facebook app on your phone. Make it a daily routine to check your email so you don’t miss out on anything!

Avoid routine

Again, if you are struggling to adjust to being on campus, having an inconsistent routine doesn’t make  things easier. Try and set a daily routine that works for you the majority of the time. If that means you wake up at the same time every day, then set your alarm for the same time every morning. Do one thing every day in order to start putting yourself into a routine, I promise it will help you get more adjusted to be on campus!

Like I said, moving to school and getting through the first month can be hard. Just keep your head down and push through any homesickness or nerves that you have and you will be fine! Avoid doing these things for an even easier time! Good luck!

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