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5 Things You Actually Need for College!

I asked a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram if you guys wanted to see back to school post. While most of you said you weren’t in college, there were a couple that said they were. So, I have decided to do one Back to School post this year and share what you really need for college! 

An actual backpack.

 I like this one from Jansport that you can buy on Amazon and use Prime to get it quick. I can’t tell you how many girls I saw walking around with all their stuff in a tote bag and looked like they were struggling to stand up straight. Invest in a backpack and if you really need to, carry a small purse with you. *Tip*: buy a backpack that has a water bottle sleeve on the side. It allows you to always have a spot for your water bottle and prevents anything getting spilled on the inside of your bag.

An organizational system of some kind…

Personally I loved carrying a planner with me all the time in my backpack and using it to keep my life straight. Not going to lie, I stopped using it my senior year and my ability to remember things TANKED. If it weren’t for my best friend and roommate (hey Jess!), my life would have been in shambles. My favorite place to buy my planners is but I recently discovered Plum Paper! I just put in my first ever order with them so when I give it, I will give you an update on what I think! 

Good Dorm Room Organization 

I’m pretty sure I say this all the time, but if your space is not organized, your life will not be organized. When I first went off to school I thought I had to buy all the bins, boxes, and closet organization there was to have. In reality, you really only need a few of those things. Most campuses will provide you with a desk, dresser, and bed frame. Use these to your advantage! Get bins and boxes that fit within these pieces provided. My freshman year I invested in two under-the-bed bins, a hanging closet organizer, and two drawer organizers and made it by just fine. 

Basic Medicines / Cleaning Products 

This one is brought to you by one of my old roommates and something I did not think about until she brought it up. Keeping basic meds on hand is so important your first year at school. Think, Advil, DayQuil, and allergy relief. Nothing sucks more than not feeling your best and having to go to class. Something I did that really worked was keeping a bottle of Advil in my backpack and in my desk drawer. That way, I was never without relief should I need it. 

Another thing to invest in (or have your parents invest in for you 😉) is cleaning products! Keep it simple with disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and a Swiffer duster. I found that I felt better overall when my space was clean and tidy. 

An Open Mind and Willingness to Put Yourself Out There! 

Not something you can buy but still something important to have. College is the best four years of your life (I know, I know, you hear that a lot). I remember going into my first semester not knowing anyone and nervous to let myself shine. Welcome Week made me feel silly and very unsure about myself. Once I let the nerves go, though, I felt at home. I kept an open mind, went to every activity offered to me, and threw myself into new situations. Doing this allowed me to find the fun and see why everyone loved college so much. 

If you are heading off (or back) to college, I really recommend you invest in these five things. There are thousands of list out there about what you need for school but I really believe these five things are a must have. What about you? What are some things you think are must haves?!

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