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5 Trends We’re Seeing This Spring

Spring is right around the corner and at every new season, new trends start to pop up all over the place. Personally, I love a good trend. Especially when they are super cute like these ones! Here are five trends we are seeing this spring

Double-Row Choker ($14.94)

Forever 21 Faux Suede Choker ($2.90)


Chokers are making a HUGE comeback right now in the world of fashion. They were such a trend of the 90’s and are a perfect example of fashion repeating itself! Chokers are something that anyone can wear and with almost any outfit! Plus, they are always cheap to buy, which is great for struggling college ladies like myself.

Forever 21 Cutout Mini Dress ($22.90)

Madewell Striped Bell-Sleeve Top ($49,50)


Blush seems to be the color of the season! My mom and I went into Nordstrom’s the other day and they had an entire table in the shoe department with different shades of blush! That’s how popular it is! I love blush because for me, pink is way to in your face and I am just generally really turned off by it. Blush though, I could get down with blush.

Luca + Grae Floral Tunic ($26.00)

Old Navy Cami Midi Dress ($36.94–use code THANKYOU for 30% off!)


Florals! Another trend that is just so fitting for the spring time because flowers are the symbol of spring time. The Old Navy dress pictures above is actually the inspiration of this post and something I picked up recently at Old Navy! I love florals because they are so feminine and just so simply pretty for spring time.

Target Slide Sandals ($27.99)

ASOS Leather Tie Sandals ($34.00)

Strappy Sandals

I wouldn’t really say that strappy sandals are a trend, more like a staple for the spring time. I love the ankle wrapped sandal look which is a big trend of this spring time. Sandals are a go to once it gets warm enough out and especially though the spring season.

Lulu’s Off-The-Shoulder Top ($34)

Target Stitched Smock Off-The-Shoulder ($16.99)

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops / dresses are all the rage nowadays! They were trendy last spring and they seem to be making another comeback this season. I am not a huge fan of off the shoulder tops because as soon as you wave to your bestie your shirt flies off your shoulders, but some people can handle that. I am just too bothered to be fiddling with my shirt all day. But not everyone is like me! 😉

I think out of all of these trends, my favorite are the floral prints I am seeing everywhere! I love all of these trends though and I am excited to add some of them to my closet! Which trend is your favorite? Which are you most excited to see this spring?

Shine on,


[All photos are those of the brands listed and are linked in the descriptions!] 


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