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About Me

Hey cutie girl.
Here I am, sitting on my couch, cute puppy next to me, working my biz from my phone. Yup, still haven’t showered from my morning workout BUT have thrown on a new pair of leggings and different crewneck sweatshirt from yesterday.
Making waves, I know.

I currently live in Central NJ with my cute blonde boy, high school sweetheart, and now husband along with our three pups. While sharing a tiny, one bedroom apartment isn’t ideal, it is our small space of joy and we are loving every second of it. But when we can, we will be getting a major upgrade in space ASAP!

In the wee hours of the morning, I teach the littles of China how to speak English and after 8AM, I become a health & fitness mentor to women from all walks of life. If you want more info on that first part though, check out my teacher-gram here!

During the day, I work with women from all walks of life in order to support them in getting back on track with their health & fitness goals. Some of them have also decided to be their own bosses and build their own empires, just like I am. THIS is where my heart truly is. I love getting to mentor other women like myself who started from zero and worked to where I am now. Every day I plug into my accountability groups, mentorships, and team pages to help women change their lives for the better. Every day I am inspired by my team, their heart, and their hustle.

At 25, I am lucky to say I live a life I truly LOVE. Not many people my age can say that, and I am proud of the hard work, hustle, and most importantly, HEART, I have put into all parts of my life. Click around to get more info on how to join my girl squad and find the joy in the hustle with me. I would love to have you sister.