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Man am I glad you’re here! Hey, I’m Maddy and this is my blog about college lifestyle, fashion, and beauty!

A smidge about me!

These subjects are some of my favorite things to think about, write about, and learn about so I decided to take what I love and turn it into something else that I love, this blog! If you are a college lady interested in lifestyle, beauty, and fashion related articles, than this is your place to hang! Come on in, read around, and share with your friends. Heck, let’s be friends by connecting through the blog and on the social medias!

My blog is called Living in the Sunshine because I am a firm believer in finding the positives and good in every day. YOU make your own happiness and that is something I live by. This blog is a manifestation of that. This blog is me, finding what makes me happy every day and sharing it with all of you. Obviously, fashion related things, beauty, and living life are the things that make me most happy. Do they make you happy? Then this might be a new happy place of yours.

Click around and let me know what you think! I would love you you to subscribe as well so you get noticed when I put up new posts. Not into getting a bunch of emails? Tbh, me neither. Instead, you can just follow me on Instagram, where I post new photos and announce new content every day!

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I like to see myself as a team player and I love a good collaboration. Wanna support the blog or collaborate? Send me a note!

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