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Our Very First Christmas Card! | My Experience with Basic Invite #AD

As the cute blonde boy and I start our new life together, we are also starting new traditions together. With the holiday season right around the corner (literally, we are 22 days out people!), one thing you see people do each year is send out Christmas cards. 

Now, my family never really sent out Christmas cards, but they have been something I wanted to do once I started my own family. I like the idea of sending a little Christmas cheer through the mail for your friends and family to enjoy. This is why I was SO EXCITED when Basic Invite reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in their Christmas card collection. 

Now, to be honest, I had never heard of Basic Invite before they reached out to me so I instantly went to their website to see what they were all about. First thing I noticed off the back, the amount of options there are! Basic Invite literally has hundreds of designs from birthdays, engagements, and personal stationary. Within their Christmas collection alone, they have kids Christmas cards, charity christmas cards, and super awesome trifold holiday cards for some flare! 

Once you make your pick, you can then customize the invite even further with almost unlimited color options. With mine, the red color was different than the final product. With the endless color options, I made our Christmas cards a little brighter, the the white a little creamier. I loved being able to take a pre-made design and make it completely my own with literally one click of a button. The editing software on Basic Invite’s site is so simple, even your grandma could figure it out. 

While making our invites, I was a little worried the photo would come out grainy or pixilated because the file of the photo is so large and the space I was putting it in on the invite was so small. Then I realized something else that you don’t see very often; the ability to order samples. Yep, Basic Invite allows you to order samples of what you want before placing your final order. No more wasted paper when you place a large order and realize your photo is grainy or you forgot to put your venue on your save the date (which I totally did *face palm*). 

You guys, I love our sweet little Christmas cards. They are simple, festive, and also so sentimental because of the image on the front. Using Basic Invite was a seamless, simple process, and we got our cards super fast. I think we got them a week later? 7 day, MAX, which is pretty dang good for a personalized greeting card if you ask me. 

If you are looking to try Basic Invite, I have a promo code for you to get a little discount. When you are picking out this years Christmas card, use the code holi30 to save 30% on all your holiday stationary! Big thanks to Basic Invite for sending us our first Christmas card as an almost married couple, they truly are so sweet and I can’t wait to share them with our family. 

Shine on, 


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