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How to Have The Best Summer Ever! | The Summer Series

Summer is here and now it the time to live it up! I feel like summer time is a weird transition period for college students because you go home and are away from all of your friends you made at school. Then what? You sit in your room all summer and watch Netflix until your eyeballs fall out of your head? I don’t think so girl! Check out these tips on how to have the best summer ever! (P.S. this is the first official installment of the Summer Series here on the bloggy!)

1. Make a bomb ass playlist

Excuse my french, but a playlist makes a huge difference in setting the mood for the day. I am currently building the ultimate “Summer Jams” playlist via Spotfity (find me there) and it’s almost two hours long. Listening to a playlist in the morning is a great way to put you in a great mood. Listen to this playlist in the car, while you workout, at the pool, wherever! A good playlist makes a huge difference!

2. Actually go outside, like every day if possible

I beg you, please do not waste away the summer sun inside. You spend enough time inside during the school year that spending all day inside is just criminal. Go outside. Go for a walk or find a friend and go for a bike ride. Don’t have a friend? Take your pupper for a walk! (Sorry you don’t have a friend, that’s a bummer). Being outside is so good for your health PLUS you’re effortlessly getting your tan on. Don’t forget your sunscreen though!

3. Take a road trip!

Go and see a place you have never seen before! You don’t have to go far, become a tourist in your own city. Or plan a trip to see a friend who may live in a different state. I took a road trip with bae a couple of summers ago and it was so much fun and one of my favorite memories. This is also a cheap alternative to taking a vacation!

4. Get a job

A couple post ago I talked about where to find easy money during the summer. Truthfully, I really think everyone should have a summer job because you get so much out of it. If you don’t get anything out of it, at least you’ve made some money. If you want to get my suggestions as to where to find money over the summer, click here!

5. Find a pool, and visit it often

I love a good pool and I love laying by the pool. Nothing says “summer” quiet like a pool where you can go to all day and do nothing but lay out. If you don’t have a pool, find a family to babysit that does! If you do spend the day by the pool, don’t forget your sunscreen. Sunburns are painful and they cause wrinkles later in life.

6. Hit up your local library

Big tip right here, read a book. I’m serious! You have so much time over the summer so use a little bit of it to workout your brain. This summer I am going to keep a running tally on how many books I read AND I will be doing reviews of them on the blog. So you won’t even have the “I don’t know what to read” excuse! Go signup for a library card and get reading!

7. Take lots of pictures

On your phone, on your poloroid, on your snapchat. Take lots of pictures and actually get them printed. It is so nice to have printed photos to go back and look at later. Collect things as you experience summer and then put together a really awesome scrapbook to hold on to for later in life.

8. Find a new hobby

This could be reading, or playing a sport, or starting a blog! I started this blog almost a year ago (what?!) because I had nothing else to do over the summer and felt like I had things to share. Finding a new hobby can be so fun because it makes you feel productive and you feel good because you have found something you enjoy doing!

9. Build at least one bonfire and eat at lest three s’mores

It’s a must. Just do it. S’mores are so good and if you don’t have any this summer, did you really have a summer?

10. Master a new skill

Last summer, I learned how to skateboard (kind of) and this summer I am working on learning how to write calligraphy. I like to set small achievable tasks for myself like learning something new, because when I accomplish it, it feels very rewarding.

Happy summer Shiners! I hope these tips help you have the best summer ever, or at least a pretty average one. If nothing else, try and relax. You made it through another year, you deserve a break.

Shine on,



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