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My Bridesmaid Proposals! | Wedding Update

Remember when I said I would do one wedding post a month? Well, it’s been two months since the last one but FINALLY, a new one is here! I know, I know, this post is long overdue but it is here now so that’s what counts, right? Lol, sorry guys! This week though I am so excited to share with you how I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding!

So let me start out this post with the fact that I had a huge blogger FAIL and sent out my proposals before taking pictures of them (*cue face palm now*). SO, the photos of the card are from the Etsy shop owner InklingsPaperie and are property of them! Now onto the show!

So almost from the get-go I knew I wanted to do something for the girls I would have in my wedding to show them I am so excited for them to join me on the big day! I knew I wanted to give them something, but I also knew it needed to be something relatively low-cost. I originally found these super cute, scratch-off proposal cards on Pinterest which of course led me back to the source. Each card was $6 and that included them being written for you. I knew I could not trust myself to write in the balloon, so I was happy to pay the $6 bucks!

Once I ordered them, I wrote little personalized notes in each other them to make them personal for each of my girls. I made a joke with one of my friends awhile back that I would ask her on a post-it note so naturally, I wrote her note on a post-it note and stuck it to the inside of the card! She loved it.

On top of sending the card, I made this really cute collage on Canva to give my girls a guide for buying their dresses. I am not asking my bridesmaids to wear a specific style or dress. Instead, I am asking them to all wear long dresses within a color scheme. They were all worried about “getting what I wanted” which is why I included this cute guide! You can find some more dresses I am loving below!

All in all, they loved what I sent them. Each was personal and fun for my girls and putting them together was so fun! I ended up wrapping the letter and the guide together in tissue paper and mailing it in a small mailer bag so they didn’t get squished. Super easy, relatively cheap, and got the job done. What do you think about how I asked my girls to be my bridesmaids?!

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