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Why College Care Packages are Great | fygböx Giveaway!

Can you even believe it’s almost October? Where is the time going, like really it needs to slow it’s roll or it’ll be December before we know it. With October coming, it means we have also been in school for about a month and the exciting, newness of it all starts to wear off. When the excitement of school starts to wear off, homesickness starts to set in. Either that, or you start running out of the essentials and need a little love from home. Enter the greatness of care packages!

Getting a package from your family is so great because they give you a little piece of home and help fend off the horrible feeling of homesickness. Sometimes though, your parents don’t have the time to go out, buy some things, and then get it to the postoffice to send it to you. Instead, ask for a fygböx and get things you want and save your parents some time!

fygböx is an awesome new company located in Boulder, Colorado who are providing parents or family an awesome take on the care package. Their care packages are elevated, sophisticated, and include things you will actually use! Each box comes with six products from skin care to stress relievers. My favorite part about fygböx is that they source their products locally in Boulder, which is really cool. Each box $64.99 which sounds like a lot, but dude, I got an entire bag of coffee, thermos, portable charger, and more in mine! Plus, with every box purchased, they donate 5% of the proceeds to the “I Have A Dream” foundation. You can request a box straight from their website,, or order one for a friend. It isn’t a subscription service either, so you don’t have to worry about paying the $65 bucks every month if you don’t want.

Okay so here’s the best part, fygböx and I have partnered up to give away one box to my readers! You guys are the best and have been with me for over a year so to give back to you, we are giving away one of the coolest care packages ever. Wanna win? Here’s how:

1. Follow me on Instagram & like the following photo!

2. Head over to fygböx‘s Instagram and give them a follow!

3. Comment a friends name in the comments of my photo for bonus entires!

That’s it! Super simple, right? The giveaway will run from today, October 2nd through Friday, October 6th. Then, Saturday morning I will direct message the winner and get them their box. This giveaway is for U.S. residents only and is intended for college students looking for a little pick-me-up. Make sure to check out fygböx’s website and Instagram if you want more information or want to grab your own box!

Good luck & shine on,


[Big thanks to fygböx for partnering with me on this collaboration and for sending me my own fygböx. Without them, this giveaway would not be possible! All photos in this post belong to Maddy of]


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