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The School Supplies You Actually Need for College | The BTS Series!

Holy crap. It’s August. WHAT?! Where the heck did summer go? I seriously struggle so much with it being August already and the fact that school starts in three weeks and..*gulp*..I’m a senior. AHHH! It’s time to go running into the streets because that is the completely appropriate reaction to having to “adult” very, very soon. For those of you who aren’t getting old and are just starting out your college career, here is the school supplies you actually need for school! 

A Backpack:

A backpack is probably common sense but I see so many people (mainly girls) walking around with so much in their purse that it’s painful. Just get a backpack and make your life so much easier! Pro tip, find one with a water bottle sleeve on the side so you don’t have to worry about your water spilling all over your Chem notes! Here are some of my favs:

  1. Herschel Supply Co. Backpack ($55-60)

  2. Vera Bradley Campus Tech Backpack ($108)

  3. NorthFace Women’s Jester Backpack ($65)

  4. Target Mossimo Backpack ($30)

A Planner:

I don’t know how many times I have said this on the blog…get and use a planner! A planner is the best way to stay organized and keep yourself sane. Without one, it will be much harder to remember your assignments and daily to-dos. Personally, I am a Ban.Do fan because of the size and layout of their planners. I even own the one linked below! Lily Pulitzer and Kate Spade (#3) planners also have cult followings, so they are also a good option!

  1. Target Planner ($14.99)

  2. Paper Source Fruit Planer ($18)

  3. Kate Spade Dahlia Agenda ($36)

  4. You’re Killing It Agenda ($20)

Pens / Pencils / Highlighters:

Because duh. Even in college you have to write stuff down. A lot of times your professors will allow you to take notes on your laptop, but there is always the case where a professor is anti-technology and you will have to resort to the old paper and pencil. All of these products are some of my favorites. Don’t forget some notebooks to write all your brilliant ideas in!

  1. Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils

  2. Ticonderoga Pencils

  3. Pilot Precise V5 Roller Pens

  4. Paper Mate Flair Markers

  5. Yoobi Highlighters

A Pencil Bag:

To carry all your pencils and pens of course! I love a good pencil bag because it helps to keep everything in one place. But really fast, can we talk about how boys carry their pencils in their pockets though? Like I’m sorry I don’t spend the money I do on my jeans to carry a pencil in my pocket 😂 We should just by them a pencil bag and fix the problem for them.

  1. LParkin Pencil Case ($8.72)

  2. Paper Source “Essentials” Pouch ($14.95)

  3. Dabney Lee Zebra Pencil Case ($7.99)

  4. Pencil Pouch ($11)

Some Extras:

All of these things are something I personally believe are essential to being able to conquer any day. With the addition of a water bottle, these things will help out in any situation. Headphones to block out the chip eating guy next to you in the library, a flash drive to transfer files from place to place, and the last two just to keep you sane. If you don’t have $300 for headphones, just keep the simple Apple ones or a cheap alternative in your backpack!

  1. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones ($299)

  2. Flash Drive

  3. Playtex Tampons

  4. ChapStick

This is the first installment of the BTS (back to school) series I am doing on my blog! If you have a specific post you wanna see, let me know, I would love to do it for ya! This is also a new layout for my posts, do we like it? Maybe? I’d love some feedback. What is one supply that you find essential for school?

Shine on,


[All images are that of the companies and brands represented and are linked in the descriptions as always!]


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