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Easy Ways to Make Money this Summer!

Cheers! The semester is FINALLY over! No more homework, studying, paper writing, all-nighter pulling…god bless. But…now what? What does one do with all their free time they have during the summer months? Personally, I get a job. Or more like two or three (I have a problem, I know). I don’t know, I am just the kind of person that thinks, “well if I have the time, I might as well make some money!”, which then leads me to working like a dog. A common struggle for college students though is where to find a summer job. A lot of places either require hella experience or want to pay you absolutely nothing for your time (which is criminal if you ask me). This all leads to the reason behind this blog post, where to find the money over the summer. So without further babbling, here are easy ways to make money this summer! 

Become a babysitter/nanny

Seriously, this is by far the easiest way to make money and also the most abundant resource of cash. Families all over the place are looking for summer care for their little kiddies as soon as the school year lets out for the summer. Parents still need to work but they have no place for their kids to go! I have been a nanny/babysitter for, no joke, ten years now and it is something I always go back too. Being a child care provider is something that the more experience you have, the more you can charge. Some families are willing to pay up to $20/hour…under the table. My biggest recommendation to find a family is using, a personal favorite of mine that has gotten me many a job in the past!

Work in Retail

Now we get to my second job, my forever love, working in retail. As most of you know, I work part-time at this really cool store called Madewell. Idk, maybe you have heard of it but maybe not (if not, you really need to discover the true magic that Madewell is). Every summer, retail store lose a ton of associates because they leave for home, internships, or other full time jobs. This time of year, this awkward right after school gets out but not quite completely summer time, is prime time to get a job working retail. My suggestion is that you find a place with a good atmosphere and stuff that you would actually want to buy. Perks of retail? Super great discounts 😉

Sell Your Stuff

During your time at school, you naturally accumulate stuff that you might not want anymore. OR you leave for school and leave a bunch of stuff at home that you forgot you had and now you no longer want any of it. The solution? Try and sell it! People are trying to sell their stuff all the time, so making good money off of this might be a little harder. Search apps like “Vinted”, “Poshmark”, and “ThredUp” to sell your clothes and apps like “Let Go” and even Facebook groups to sell everything else!

Become a Server

Another place constantly looking for new help is bars and restaurants. Similar to retail, during this time of year a lot of their staff leaves for the summer so there is an abundance of help needed. I served for a little time last summer and while it wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, there were nights that I went home with almost $100 in tips. I have to be honest though, if you’re going to serve in a sports bar, prepare yourself for dirty old men and dirt old man comments. Go in with a positive mindset and you can make bank.

As someone who has been working for several years now, I find a lot of benefit in holding a summer job. You learn so much from working and supporting yourself that just wouldn’t get if you didn’t work. If you don’t mind putting in the work, making money over the summer in your free time isn’t has bad as you might think. Good luck!

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