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Easy Ways to Show Your Friends Some Love!

Who needs to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend when you have hella good GIRLFRIENDS already?! Strong, independent ladies who are also great friends need to be celebrated too! If you find yourself surrounded by awesome lady friends, show them some love this Valentine’s Day by throwing a Galentine’s Day! This type of celebration is no secret, people all over the place are showing their besties some love by celebrating Galentine’s Day instead of Valentine’s Day. Here are some easy ways to show your friends some love this Galentine’s Day (formally known as Valentine’s Day)!

Send them a cute letter!

What I would DO to wake up to waffles like these! 😋 Or, just getting a cute card like this would be nice too. If you have a friend who might not live close, send them a letter! Personal letters are something that are so undervalued today that people forget about how happy people are to receive them. I’m almost positive that if you sent this card (which you can buy here!) to your bestie, it would make her whole week! (via GiantTalk)

Send them a small gift!

If it is in your budget, buy them something small! It does not need to be a huge, elaborate gift. If they are your friend for you and not what you give them, they will be happy with something as small as nail polish with a cute note! Head to Target one night and buy up a shade that you think is the perfect match for your girls, and have a nail polish party! Use the gift as a reason to spend more time with your friends. You can find the free printable on The TomKat Studio! (via The TomKat Studio)

Bake them something sweet!

Umm, who doesn’t love somethin’ a little sweet as a sign of appreciation? I can’t speak for everyone, but I can almost guarantee that most college ladies wouldn’t turn away free snacks! These little pretzel hearts are super simple AND something you can make in a dorm room if you don’t have access to a stove. On top of that, they are relatively cheap to make. You can find the recipe here! (via The Paper Pinata)

Throw them a party!

Love your friends so much you want to throw them a party? Do it! Make it a group effort and plan a big night in (or out, whichever you prefer) and celebrate together! Divvy out the tasks so that everyone contributes something, this also helps to keep costs low. You can craft, try some face masks, watch a movie, pig out, anything! The more effort you put into it, the better it’ll be! (photo via Pinterest)

Sometimes we forget to say thank you to our friends for everything they do for us. This Galentine’s day, show your friends some love! All of these are easy ways to show your friends some love, which is your favorite?

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