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Exploring New Interests and Breaking Old Standards

Welp, I did the thing. Actually, I did many of the things. I graduated, I moved, and I have applied for several teaching positions. Something I haven’t done? Figured out what to do with the blog. Maybe that’s the wrong way to put it. Let me explain a little better…

Since graduating and moving and doing all the things, I have sort of neglected this here blog. The neglect is both intentional and unintentional as I honestly don’t know what type of blog this is anymore. When I started Living in the Sunshine, I wanted it to be a resource for college ladies like myself but now..I don’t know what to make it. Before, I had a central focus for my posts and now I don’t have that central focus. I have so many passions and interests that I want to explore and talk about and home on this blog but I also have this nagging feeling that I need to keep it uniform. Pick one thing and really dedicate this blog to that one thing. When I started blogging everywhere I looked stressed and pushed that a blog (or at least a successful one) needs to have a niche. That in order to be a “good blogger”, one needed to have a central focus and stick to that focus. Now that I have graduated, I don’t really have a focus. I don’t feel 100% dedicated to any one thing, instead, I feel 100% like writing about all of my interests.

So, after a month of neglect and not writing, I’ve decided to screw the labels and the expectations. Forget about what I “should” be doing and instead focus on what I want to be doing. I have decided to make this blog whatever I want because it’s my blog. Living in the Sunshine was built on the idea and goal of being a resource for people with a similar mindset to my own, and that’s what it will continue to be. It will be a place where you can find style advice, personal stories, wellness journeys, and the occasional wedding update. A place where you can be inspired and encouraged. We cool with that?

Hopefully you all understand where I am coming from and can accept where my hear is at.  I will continue to write about what I love but it may not be as uniformed as before. Who knows, maybe this endless, free exploration will funnel into one central interest. For now though, I am just going to enjoy the journey.

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