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10 Things To Bring Fall to Your Dorm Room for Under $50!

The greatest time of year is here: fall. I love fall as much as any other person and one of my favorite things to do in fall is add some pieces to my living space to bring fall inside. I’m not talking about painting racking your leaves and dumping them on your bed. I’m talking about buying some things from every college kids favorite place, Target, and getting some major fall vibes into your space. Here are some of my favorites that I found on Target website that will let you bring fall to your dorm room for under $50! 



Plaid Throw Pillow ($19.99):

How cute is this pillow?! It is so cute and looks super soft and fuzzy. The brown and white AND plaid print are a perfect combination of fall themes! Plus only being 20 bucks, its super easy to throw on your couch or bed and call it a day.



Fox Throw Pillow ($19.99):

Throw pillows are seriously one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change the seasons in your space. Target is currently killing the throw pillow game so I had to include this pillow as well! I think this fox print is so fun and also the cream color allows it to go with almost any bedding.



Sweater Knit Throw Blanket ($24.99):

Along with pillows, blankets are another really easy way to bring in seasonal themes into your living space. You can bring fall into your dorm room (or apartment) with this super soft, lovely orange colored blanket. This blanket would also go really great with those pillows up above.



Geo Burst Wall Decor ($24.99):

I saw this in Target the other day and thought, “What the heck is this thing even for?!”. But then I saw how Target had it styled on their website and actually really really like it. Now, it’s probably not suitable for a dorm room, but it is definitely something that you could hangup in your apartment! Picture it on a grey wall with the blanket and pillows up above and boom, you have fall inside. How glamourous.



Decorative Pumpkin ($12.99):

Don’t have time to head to the pumpkin patch? Still want to have some pumpkins in your place? Well Target, once again, saves the game and has fake pumpkins that you can sport in your place. Personally, I like the white ones because they are super chic and modern but their are orange ones as well if thats more your flavor.



Felt Basket ($24.99):

How cute is this basket?! This might actually be something that I go buy from Target because its so cute. You could blankets, pillows, magazines, all sorts of things in it! I do worry though how sturdy it is with the felt material. The color is a great fall shade and the leather straps are a perfect detail for such a cute little basket.



Marble Pot ($14.99):

Honestly, this isn’t overly fall but I love a good plant. I have like 7 plants in my apartment and am quickly becoming a plant lady. This pot is everything to me. I find others like it and they are ridiculously expensive but not this one! Its only $15 and beautiful and probably something I’m going to go buy.


Fall Themed Garland ($9.99):

This garland is so cute and so fall but also something that could be DIY’ed on your own if you felt the need. All you need is some wooden circles, some twine, and a sharpie. Then you can write whatever saying you want on it! Have at it girlie!


Dark Wooden Tray ($34.99):

Trays are an awesome and easy way to keep things organized in your living space or even your desk. The reason I included it in this post is because its deep, rich brown color is perfect for fall. Throw some cute candles on it and some magazines and you’re all set.


Fall Scented Candle ($10):

Last but not least, candles. Candles are perfect for bringing fall into your dorm room because scent is one of the most powerful of senses. So, if your apartment smells like fall then it will feel like fall. Go out and pick up some candles right now if you’re on a budget but want some fall in your life.

All of these things are a super easy way to bring fall into your dorm room and they are all under $50! For college students, that is important. Make sure you head to Target and look for these things if you are looking to upgrade your space. As always, all pictures are linked to and the pictures are theirs.

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