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Why Goal Setting In College is Important | BTS Series

Have you ever set a goal before? Any kind of goal counts, even the goal to sit down and do something for five minutes like reading or studying. Now, have you ever set a goal for school? Goal setting can be very beneficial if you do it right and you stick with it. To  If you have never been a goal setter before, I am here to change that and tell you why goal setting in college is important! 

Why is goal setting important?

Well good friend, goal setting is important because goals help you stay on track with what you want. When setting a goal, think about what you want to achieve and make it happen. If you want to stay on track with classes and get good grades, make that a goal! If you want to try and stay healthy and eat right, make that a goal. Setting goals is a great way for you to keep what you want in the front of your mind and actually work towards achieving them.

What are some different types of goals to set?

To make things real simple, you can set short term or a long term goal. In order for a goal to be a “good goal”, there needs to be a time limit / end date to it. Are you going to set a two week long goal? Semester long goal? Or maybe an entire school year long goal? Think about a reasonable time frame for your goal and make it an attainable goal within that time limit. Don’t set a goal to loose 30 pounds in three weeks because that isn’t possible and they only way to do that would be to cut off an arm. Don’t cut off an arm, you need that.

Another thing to think about is what “category” your goal falls in to. Is it a fitness goal or an academic goal? Knowing this from the start will help writing and working towards your goals easier. Never cross two categories while making a goal, just keep them separate and makes things easier on yourself.

My own personal goals for the year!

And to make sure I’m not preaching without practicing, I am going to set my own goals for the semester / year and lay ’em all out here on the blog. That way you guys can help me stay accountable for them! By sharing my goals, I hope I inspire you to write your own goals for the year and follow through on them. Don’t write them and then not try and achieve them. Go get it girl!

  • My fall semester goal is to be more present on campus and what is going on around me. I will not get wrapped up in working to much like I have the last two years because this is my last year on campus and I do not want to miss it.
  • I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle by working out at least four days out of the week and eating healthier food options. (Blog post coming soon on how to stay healthy in college!) 
  • Photo taking will become a top priority this year in order to capture all the amazing moments with my friends before we all go our separate ways after we graduate.
  • I will take in any and all knowledge while working with teachers, faculty, and administration during my year of student teaching.

Like I’be said 100 times in this post, goal setting is amazing and definitely something you should do before the semester starts. Remember to be specific in your goals because that will make them more easily achievable. What are some of your own personal goals? Sound off and let me know in the comments below! That way we can hold each other accountable!

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