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How I Have Become More Mindful

On this new wellness journey that I am on I have been really trying to be more mindful in all aspects of my life. More mindful in what I am eating, what I am spending my time on, and what I am focusing my energy on. Being more mindful doesn’t have to be a big thing and is actually very easy to do. Here are a few different ways that I have become more mindful over the last few months!


Yoga has been something I have enjoyed for a really long time now. So much so that at one point, I wanted to become an instructor (something I am still exploring today). I practice yoga at least three times a week nowadays in order to check in with my mind and body. My favorite way to practice yoga is by watching my favorite instructor, Yoga with Adriene, on YouTube. She posts a new video every week and have practices that are anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour. Yoga really helps me to check in with my headspace and clear out the crap up there. It also helps me to feel more body happy because its a gentle workout to start my day.


You read that right, meditation. Now, meditating is something that I am still trying out but so far, I really enjoy it. It’s another tool to just clear out your brain and have a good reset. Meditation is something that takes practice and dedication and those are two things I am still working on doing. I practice meditation with the help of the HeadSpace app and its awesome. Just ten minutes a day and its led by some lovely man with a British accent. Personally, I love to meditate right before bed because it leads me to have a very sound sleep. While I am still trying to mediate regularly, I love when I find the time to do it because it helps me to clear out my brain when I need it most.

Taking an extra second

When things get crazy, I always try to take an extra second to remember where I am. Doing this helps me to slow down my thoughts and refocus on what’s in front of me. This extra second could be writing down what I am feeling at the moment or just making a to-do list. Taking an extra second to organize my thoughts really helps me to stay focused and not get overwhelmed by everything I am working on. It helps me to remember to slow down and enjoy the hard work I am putting in!

A moment of gratitude

Sort of along the same line as taking an extra second, I also try and find a moment of gratitude each day. Finding things to be grateful for is a great way to practice mindfulness because it helps you to think about yourself and your life. It helps you to think about things happening to you and think about them with intention. Most times, my moments of gratitude come while I am driving in my car. Just listening to music and thinking to myself. I find myself being grateful for my friends and support system that I have around me because they are pretty great. Finding gratitude in the everyday is a great way to be more mindful.

Becoming more mindful has helped me to become more in tune with my overall well-being. I like to practice mindfulness because it helps me to feel better. Specifically feel better mentally, but also emotionally and physically. This little wellness journey has been pretty great and has helped me a lot. If you are someone who is struggling, join the party and follow along. How do you practice mindfulness?

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  1. Caroline Koehn says:

    This is so great! I’m so glad you are seeing results in your life from doing all of this 🙂 I should really include some of these in my stressful life as well.

    Caroline |

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