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How I NEVER Use a Checked Bag When I Travel

This month alone I have traveled to three different locations, each time getting there by flying. Personally, I love air travel. I find it fun, exciting, and a great opportunity for people watching. In the past, I have flown frequently enough but definitely not as much as some of my friends. Over time though, I have curated some tips and tricks that allow me to never use a checked bag when I travel! 

I don’t like traveling with them because I don’t like waiting for them and when traveling further away, I don’t like the idea of my bag getting lost. Plus, a lot of airlines now require you to pay extra for a checked bag which I so do not have the budget for. If you are in the same boat as I am, hopefully these tips will help you fly easier!

Plan out all your outfits you want to take with you

Lay them all out on your bed, on the floor, somewhere where you have the space to see everything you want to bring. Actually put pieces together and see how you will wear them AND what days you will wear them. I did this on a quick trip home a few weekends ago and it actually made my life easier when I went to get dressed in the morning. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear and when. When you plan out your outfits, try and see where you can wear something twice. Packing basics is great for this! Bringing only versatile shoes is also great.

Layer your clothing when you go to leave for the airport

Wanna bring a sweatshirt / sweater with you? What about large boots or clunky heels? Wear them to the airport! I’m not saying wear your entire bag on your body when you fly because you will look a little strange, but wear some of your larger pieces to save space in your bag. Wearing these pieces will leave space in your bag for other things such as your toiletries and shoes.

Bring two types of bags: one large one, and one small one

This is a big tip from me that seems like a no brainer. When I travel, I bring two bags. One larger tote bag (my favorite can be found here) and a smaller bag that will act as my purse once I get to my destination but it is also being used to pack some stuff while I’m traveling. I use both bags to pack and carry my stuff in, but one gets used again later in my trip. This is a great way to use your purse for something practical (and it doesn’t take up space in said larger bag).

Think about where you want to put said bags on the plane before you board

That large bag you’re going to bring, are you going to put it in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you? You want to make sure that it will fit somewhere in the plane! Also consider if it has something you will want to use on the flight, like your laptop or a book. If your bag has something you want to use in it, then it’s best to make sure its a size that allows you to keep it close!

Ask yourself: “Do I really need it?”

It’s time to get real with yourself, do you need four dresses for a five day trip? You are already bringing three pairs of shorts and five tops, that’s more clothes than you can even wear in five days honey. This goes back to the tip of planning out your outfits while you pack before you shove a bunch of stuff in a bag. If you plan it out and realize you have too much stuff, go back and ask yourself, “do I really need this?” If the answer is no, leave it at home!

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How often do you travel by flight? Are you an avid carry-on only traveler or are you dedicated to your checked bag? If you are wanting to change your travel habits, try these tips and see if you can change your ways! Happy flying!

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2 responses to “How I NEVER Use a Checked Bag When I Travel”

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Do you use a carry-on backup or a carry-on suitcase?? I was somehow able to fit all my stuff I needed in a backpack and my camera bag for Spain, but I’ve never done it any other time in my life.

    • livinginsunsunshine says:

      I use just a carry-on backpack each time! If not a backpack, a larger tote that I like to carry too!

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