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How I Stay on Top of My Life | Planners, Calendars, Reminders!

We are all very busy people, myself included. I am a full-time student teacher, college student, I work a part-time job, I’m in a sorority, am on Exec for said sorority, have a boyfriend, babysit regularly, and try and make time for my friends. Truly, I don’t know how I make it all work but somehow, I do. Realizing this got me thinking and the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how much of an organizer I am. SO, I decided to show you a quick look at how I stay on top of my life! 

Dry-Erase Board Calendar

I live by my calendars and having a dry-erase board calendar is one of the better investments I’ve made for myself. At the beginning of each month I sit down and write everything out I have going on and color code it to the different parts of my life. As you can see, I have a lot going on! I love using a dry-erase board because I can easily take things off that I no longer need to do or worry about. I picked up this one from Target (who’s surprised at all?) and you can shop it here!

Month / Date Only Calendar

I always love having a basic, month / date calendar only because it helps me to know the date at quick glance. While I love writing all my life things down, its nice to have a clean calendar to look at for quick reference. I have featured this one from Paper Source on my Instagram several times and you can shop similar ones like it here! I always go to Paper Source for my calendars because they are always stunning and act as artwork for my wall. Fully functional in multiple different ways!

A Good, Solid Planner

You all know of my love for, I can never get enough of them! Their planners are the best thing to happen in my life because they are (seriously) the perfect layout. They have monthly calendars, weekly layouts, and pages for notes. The day by day sections are big enough for my massive handwriting and each week has a quirky thing to do if you feel so inclined. Still looking for a planner? You can check this one out right here!

Sticky Notes, Sticky Notes, Sticky Notes!

I cannot tell you how many sticky notes I go through in one week. The limit does not exist (name that movie…). I used to grab the basic Post-Its but then I saw these lined ones at Staples and had to have them. They are twice as big as the standard ones and come in the four neon colors (which I love). Sticky notes help me remind myself of important things I need to get done and are constantly where I write my to-do lists. Throwing out a completely finished to-do list is so satisfying, am I right?

Phone Calendar

Yup, I use three different calendars to help me stay organized. Nope, I am no ashamed to admit that. I use my phone calendar to keep track of when I need to work my retail job. My job uses an app to post our weekly schedule and that app syncs to my phone calendar which is AMAZING because it helps me stay on top of my hours. I also use my phone calendar when I am scheduling something way in the future and I don’t want to forget about it. When scheduling something I think I might forget, I just set a reminder on the event to remind me the day before and boom! I don’t forget that I need to babysit for the family down the street. Thanks iCalendar 👍🏼

A Friendly Reminder

Yup, my friends help me stay on top of my life. Like all the time. My cute little friend Jess (on the left) is a CONSTANT reminder of things going in in MY LIFE to where I don’t know where I would be without her. No joke, she remembers things going on in my life more than I do. Same with Colorado Corey (to the right). She is always asking me about things going in my life that I would forget about if she didn’t. Find friends who remember what’s going on in your life, they become incredibly important when you start to develop grandma brain like I have. Thanks for helping me stay on top of my life guys😘

Life is literally so crazy. We are all going in 100 different directions at the same time. Hopefully seeing how I stay on top of things will help you stay on top of yours. What are some ways your stay organized?

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  1. Yes I definitely know what you mean! my friends are great reminders as well. The Notes section on my phone, journal, a planner and a wall calendar help me so much to stay organized.

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