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How to Transition Summer Pieces to Fall!

You guys have for sure seen some sneak peaks at these looks on Instagram and I am SO EXCITED to finally share them on the blog.

I have not written a fashion post in what feels like forever. Not because I don’t like writing them, but because I haven’t had the time to shoot for them! But, Lucas and I got lucky and managed to squeeze in a shoot for this one AND another one coming so soon! If you are curious, here is how you can easily transition summer pieces to fall!

Ugh, I love fall. It is definitely my favorite season out of all of them. But this time of year is hard to dress for because it isn’t really summer but it also isn’t entirely fall either. My biggest piece of fashion advice to transition those summer pieces to fall is to layer, layer, layer. Take a summer dress directly into fall by throwing on a denim jack. Trade your Birkenstocks for a pair of boots! 

I love wearing my boots with a cute pair of ankle socks to add a little bit of flair. This outfit is so perfect for when it’s hot during the day but you are going out at night and it’ll be cold once the sun goes down. I think the boots look so cute when paired with the dress but without the denim jacket. When you have all the pieces together, it looks like a totally appropriate fall look! 

There is no reason to not carry forward some of your summer pieces. By just adding a layer (i.e. a denim jacket or a flannel) you can continue to wear your favorite summer pieces into fall. With the magic of a few layers (and when it gets cold enough, tights) you can wear them well into winter!

What is your favorite summer piece that you will carry forward? Are you a layers kind of girl? How do you wear your summer pieces into fall?

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