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How To Keep Your Long Term Relationship Feeling Fresh!

Happy almost Valentines Day everyone! Last year for Valentines Day, I did a post dedicated to your best babes and how you can show them some love. This year though, I am focusing on the loved ones in your life and how to make them feel special! If you in a long term relationship like me, you know it can be easy for things to fall into a rhythm. I am here though to tell you how you can keep things feeling fresh!

Continue to ask each other on dates!

Lucas and I still go on dates all the time, even after being together for almost five years. We try and go on one at least once a week. These don’t have to be big, fancy ordeals, small little outings are perfect. Just having a designated time to be together is so important in a long term relationship. And yes, we actually ask each other, “Will you go on a date with me?”, it makes things more fun 🙂

Say “I love you” every day!

This is SO important! If you don’t remind your partner that you love them, how are they supposed to know?! It sounds really silly, but hearing “I love you” every day reminds me that Lucas actually means it. It is something so small that you can do every day that will make a huge difference and keep your relationship feeling strong and healthy.

Do small things that the other will appreciate!

For example, the other day I asked Lucas if he could grab me something sweet from the campus grocery store and he brought me THREE THINGS back! Did I need all three things, absolutely not, but it was so nice of him to bring me something. On the other hand, whenever I go to the store, I always ask Lucas if he needs anything that I can pick up for him. Doing little things like this shows your partner that you care about them and you continue to want to show them that even after a few years.

Send them little notes to remind them that you are thinking of them!

I love doing this in the middle of the day when I am working and Lucas is in class. It takes less than two minutes but makes a big impact. This is as easy as sending them a text message telling them that you are thinking about them while you are busy at work or school. Whenever I get a sweet note from Lucas, I always feel a little extra love from him. Again, this is something so small that makes a huge impact.

Remind them that you support them and their dreams!

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I am a big proponent for supporting those around us. This is especially true for your significant other. In my relationship, I feel incredibly supported by Lucas and my many, many dreams that I have for my future. I have never once felt like I didn’t have his support in the things I want to do and I always makes sure he knows that I support him in his. Remind them often that you support them too!

These are all things that both Lucas and I do all the time and I think our relationship is the way it is because we do them. I feel so happy, supported, and so loved by Lucas because of some of these things. If you are in a long term relationship, I highly recommend you try some of these things if your relationship is feeling kind of worn down. It is the little things like these that make a HUGE difference!

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