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What I Listen To: Podcasts, Spotify Playlist, & More!

Throughout my years at college I have collected a multitude of ways to drown out the noisy world around me. Doing so is crucial for surviving college because let me tell you, nothing is worse than trying to study and being distracted by the people around you. Whether it be a noisy roommate, an inconsiderate person in the library, or a group of freshman watching a movie off of one laptop in Starbucks (yes, that actually happened to me). If you are looking for new things to listen to in order to drain out the obnoxious people of the world, here is what I listen to on a daily basis!


Spotify is something I picked up on super late in the game compared to everyone else. And by late, I mean I started using it this past February….yeah I was behind. BUT! Since truly discovering it, I have fallen in love with all that it offers. My favorite thing about Spotify is that they have so many playlists to choose from for almost any occasion. The ones above are a few of my favorite! If you want to try Spotify Premium, they offer that service to students for only $4.99 a month, which is half of what it normally is. Gotta love a company that supports broke college kids like me!

I like to listen to Spotify on an everyday basis because it is free. I don’t currently have Premium but it is something I have been thinking about buying. I have pretty much turned away from iTunes and Apple music because streaming is easier, more convenient, and cheaper. If you love to listen to music but don’t like having to buy a song off of iTunes, streaming might be for you!


Podcasts are also a new discovery to me and I have found a couple of favorites that I can listen to on repeat. Psycho Babble is, essentially, two gay guys gossiping about recent pop culture and lifestyle topics but those two gay men are YouTube star Tyler Oakley and his BFF Korey Kuhl. These two are a no holds barred duo who love to earn the red explicit E at the end of each of their podcasts title. My next two favorites, Dear Sugars and Ladies Who Lunch are advice podcasts where listeners email in letters and then they are discussed throughout the podcast. Ladies Who Lunch features another YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen and her best friend and fellow YouTuber Kat Valdez. Finally, Don’t Blame Me! is another podcast of YouTuber Meghan Rienks where people call into her show and she gives them advice. This is a new one to my list of podcasts and I don’t know if I am a huge fan yet, the verdict is still out.

My favorite thing about podcasts is the ability to just listen and hear other people’s thought about a certain topic. I like to listen to these pods while I am running or at work and need something to fill my time! If you haven’t found a good podcast yet, definitely check these out!


When music or podcasts aren’t on the menu, there is a high probability that a YouTube video is. If you haven’t seen it, I did a roundup of my favorite YouTubers awhile back and you can check it out here if you want to see all of them! I watch a wide range of people on YoutTube but some of my favorites are beauty gurus. I am fascinated by their artistic ability and I love to just veg out on watching them. From left you right, my favorites include NikkiTutorials, James Charles, Aspyn & Parker, and Madison Miller. Asypn & Parker are one of my favorite couples to follow on YouTube because they are literally ~goalz~. They are 21 and 22, married, and living such a cool life. They are so sweet and I love watching all of their adventures. These people are also super fun to follow on Instagram and Snapchat!


To finish it all off, these are some of my favorite artist to go back to when I just need to block out everything around me. You can probably find me listening to these amazing ladies through Spotify because luckily they are all on there! Grace Vanderwaal was the little twelve year old from America’s Got Talent and OMG I love her music. She only has a few songs out but I love every single one of them. Then of course, I am a die-hard TSwift fan. Will be for life. Some people love me for it, some hate me for it. Ingrid Michaelson is my jam for when I need a good dose of girl power because all of her music is so empowering. Finally, good ol’ Miley Cyrus is always someone I go back to. I’m one of those girls who has been a Miley fan when she was still Hanna Montana. I even loved her through her “Bangerz” days. She’s like TSwift for me, I will always love her.

What do you like to jam to when you study? Have any favorite podcasts you wanna recommend? I am always looking for new music, podcasts, and YouTubers to follow! Don’t forget, invest in a pair of headphones so you can do all this listening without bothering the people around you!

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