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The Little Things I Love

There are just some things in life that you love and you’re not really sure why. They are the things that come into your life and they just bring you happiness or they make you smile. These things don’t have to be big things, for me they are actually small things. I look at these things and they just make me so happy that I wanted to share my gratitude for these things with you! Here are the little things I love.

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My Jewelry Tray

I got this jewelry tray last summer from Anthropologie and I love it so much. I think it could double as a soap tray, but I like to use it for my jewelry. I use it to hold all of my bracelets, necklaces, and rings that I wear everyday. It is made of ceramic and has a really pretty pattern on it and I just love how it is not only really functional but also really pretty.



This Super Cool Coaster

I also got this coaster from Anthropologie (it’s my fav spot for home stuff). I am constantly drinking something and I hate when water bottles or glasses have a ton of condensation and leave a puddle on my desk. After months of complaining I decided to get a good coaster for my desk. I like this one because it is just cool to look at because of the geode / crystal vibe it has. And no, I did not spend $40 on it like they have it on the website. I think I spent $10 MAX on it because I bought only one and not an entire set.


My Pins

I love my pins. I will be the first to admit that I have jumped onto the pin trend with everyone else because I LOVE them. I bought all three of these ones from Madewell (shocker, right?) but they are actually by the brand Pintrill. Pins are so great because they are a simple statement about yourself. You can put them on your backpack, like me, or you can pin them on your denim jacket, really you can do a lot with them. If they weren’t so darn expensive I would buy all the pins.



My Piggy Bank

Yes I am 21 and have a piggy bank, what’s your beef? I got this piggy bank from Target and I looove him so much. His name is Winston (yup, I’m one of those people who names inanimate objects), and he is bae. I ask people for their loose change so I can feed him and it really freaks them out. I have brought him with me every year to school and I just adore him.



This Clock

Personally, I think there is a value to having a good ol’ fashioned clock on the wall. I got this clock from Ikea last summer and something about it just spoke to me. It is weird and unusual and kind of hard to read but I just love it. I especially love how the little thing on the 3 o’clock spot kind of looks like a tree of boobs. Because that’s the kind of human I am.



This Elephant Chain

Really I just like this whole set up in this part of my room. Some of my favorite things are in this corner, one of them being this elephant chain. I don’t have a very interesting story in regards to it, I literally bought it at a store downtown at home, but I like the way it looks. The tag that came on it said that when the bell rings its supposed to be good luck so, I sometimes ring it just in case 😉





I LOVE MY PLANTS SO MUCH. My roommates think I’m a freak because of how much I love my plants but I just do and I won’t deny it. I could do an entire post on how much I love my plants. They just bring me such satisfaction when they grow and just looking at them makes me happy. The planters are a mix from both Anthropologie and Ikea! (The ones from Anthro are technically jewelry trays but I decided to go another direction with them.)




A Good Mug

I love a good mug. It can have patterns or a phrase, be a weird shape, anything. I love mugs. My mom and I have started a vast mug collection for when I retire and open up a coffee shop called Maddy’s Many Mugs. I love them, especially this one from Anthro that is all about New York City. I love the drawings, I love that it says “I Love NYC” and the inside and I love that it is stained from my tea. It just makes me really happy.

I think it is really beneficial to have things around you that make you happy constantly. I find that I feel better in life because I have these things in my space. They constantly bring me joy and I think that is the epitome of living in the sunshine. It’s about finding the little things that bring you joy and happiness. What are some things in your space that make you happy? All products are linked if I could find them and all photos are my own.

Shine on,




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  1. I love all of this! I really like your plans for the coffee shop! I wish you luck!

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