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What Living with Your S.O. Is Really Like! + Engagement Picture Sneak Peek!

Living with your significant other (whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, life partner) can be so exciting. Honestly, and this is going to make me sound crazy, I have been want to live with Lucas since we hit our one year anniversary! (WHILE WE WERE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL PEOPLE!) But, when you and your partner finally get to that point, it may be a little…..different than you imagined. If you are considering moving in together, here is what living with your S.O. is really like!

So if you somehow don’t know already, Lucas and I recently moved in together for the first time when we moved to the east coast for his job. Now, I am not going to go into the details of that because I have an entire blog post about it which you can find here. Before this move, he and I have never truly lived together and shared the same space 24/7. There was our freshman year in college when Lucas was my unofficial third roommate because his was crazy….but that story is for another time! REGARDLESS, this is the first time we have lived together and honestly, it’s been pretty good.

There are some thing that I have had to adjust too but overall, we get along fine and haven’t had many fights from always being together. I am not saying that I wasn’t nervous to move in with him because I was extremely nervous to move in with him.You can confirm that with my mom, I was really nervous that he and I would live together and decide we actually hated each other and would break up. I’m dramatic, I know.

Truth is, we don’t hate each other even after living together for several weeks now. Have we had little arguments? Yes. Have we gotten on each others nerves? Absolutely. The biggest thing I have found about living with my S.O. is that it is all about picking the right battles. It isn’t worth starting a fight about how he leaves a dirty pan on the stove for a day. It also isn’t worth fighting over the fact that we will buy two pounds of black berries on a Saturday and they will be gone by Monday. Those things are not worth fighting about. Save the arguments for bigger things like bills and who’s dog is cuter.

I actually asked you guys to send me questions you had about living with your S.O. over on my Instagram and here is what you asked! I have also included questions I had before moving in with Lucas that I hope you find helpful to know the answers too.

Do you feel like you moved in with your significant other too early?

  • Personally, I don’t think Lucas and I moved in together too early. He and I have been dating for five years now and are engaged. Moving in together was a natural next step for us. We lived separately from each other all throughout college, because that’s what we wanted, and waited to live together until after we graduated from school.

How do you agree on cooking food / grocery shopping when you are plant based and your partner isn’t?

  • Great question! Currently, Lucas and I actually buy our groceries separate from each other (more on that below) so there really isn’t a need to agree on what we buy at the store. As far as cooking, we also cook for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, there are times that we will cook for one another, but the majority of the time we cook our own meals. I always invite Lucas to try my meal and he does when he wants.

How do you know when you are ready to move in together?

  • Like I said in the first question, moving in together was a natural next step for us. We were graduating from school, we had gotten engaged, and had been dating for several years through multiple major life changes. If you aren’t in this same boat and don’t have a “natural next step” coming your way ask yourself this, would you be happy coming home to this person every day? If no, maybe wait on sharing house keys.

What is it like sharing a space with a boy?

  • Okay this one is tricky because Lucas is a very nice boy to live with. He is clean, except for the occasional dirty pan on the stove top, picks up around the house, and does things when I ask him. It is different than sharing a space with a bunch of girls for sure (mainly cuz there is less hair) but it isn’t a bad different. I think the biggest difference is this is always video game music playing from the living room when he is home (which is honestly very catchy).

How do you pay for things (like rent, groceries, pets)?

  • This is something Lucas and I talked a lot about before moving in. We talked about how we would pay for shared expenses because we knew that Lucas would be bringing in a higher income than I would be in the beginning. Overall, we decided we would splint things as close to 50/50 as I could afford. Any shared expense, i.e. rent, utilities, wifi, pet expenses, would be split this way until we are married. Currently, we have a shared bank account for our wedding funds and it felt silly to open another one. So, we decided that once we are married, that account will be a joint account. We are going to continue to keep our separate accounts because that is important to us but will live out of the shared account.

What about you? Do you live with your significant other? Thinking about it? I hope this post was helpful to you in making that decision. Know that it takes work and compromise and an understanding of each other. All in all though, it’s pretty dang fun.

Shine on,


[All photos are our own but were shot by the AMAZING Rachel Craig Photography! She is located in Charleston, South Carolina and is fabulous to work with if you’re in the market for a photographer!]


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  1. megan says:

    This was a very informative post, and I am totally in love with your engagement photos makes me excited to see more wedding things in the future. I think moving in with your significant other is a big step but in your case it was the right next step in your relationship. Really appreciate the post and looking forward to reading more and catching up with your insta stories.

    megan |

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