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Why I Love Going to the Farmer’s Market!

I’ve been going to the farmer’s market for years now at home and coming to college, I knew I wanted to be able to keep going to one if I could. Lucky for me, there is a really amazing farmer’s market right up the road from campus! It is every Saturday morning and when I am not going to work, I always make sure I go and look around. If you have ever thought about going to a farmer’s market, here is why I love going! 

My favorite thing about the farmer’s market is all the fresh, local food. I don’t always buy a bunch of food when I go, but I appreciate the access to it. I love that farmer’s markets have such  a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, breads, and sweets! The farmer’s market I go to also has local stores come to sell their goods, like the local dog bakery.

During this trip to the market I picked up some apples and my roommate picked up some zucchini, apples, and guacamole. I love going to the farmer’s market because of all the people that go. Local people who love to support local farmer’s and vendors. These people are my kind of people.

This time of year is my favorite time to go to the market because of all the pumpkins, gourds, and squash. While normal people probably eat these things, as they are meant to be used, I like to use them to decorate my house 😊 I have a massive gourd sitting on my dinning room table with a bunch of these little white pumpkins sitting around it. I also have a pumpkin sitting in my TV stand with a few baby gourds around it because why not?! Who else loves all of the beautiful fall produces just like I do?

My most favorite part of the farmer’s market are the flowers. I love flowers so, so much. Some people think buying flowers is silly just because they will die in a week but they bring me so much joy that I don’t care. There is one flower farmer I always buy from and when he no longer comes to the market because flowers are out of season, I will be so sad. My favorite flower is a sunflower (which is not a surprise, I’m sure), what’s yours?

Going to the farmer’s market is one of my favorite Saturday morning activities other than walking my puppies and bloggin’ away the morning. Visiting the farmer’s market brings me such joy and happiness that I am always so excited when I get the chance to go. If you have never been to a farmer’s market, I really recommend you go to one, like now. What’s something that brings you great joy?

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[All photos are my own and belong to Maddy at Living and the Sunshine blog.]


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  1. That’s so awesome that there’s a farmers market so close to you. I’ve been wanting to check one out that’s not too far from me. Starburst lillies are my favorite flowers and one area that brings me joy is going to market days and talking to the local vendors about their story (How their business came about and how long they have been in business, as well as learning more about the products that they are selling.)

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