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Make Those New Year’s Resolutions HAPPEN! IG Challenge!

There are only three more days left in 2016 (some of us are probably so happy about this) and these last three days are the perfect time to set great intentions for the new year! Every year people make new years resolutions and sometimes it’s really tricky to follow through with them. Well me friends, I am here to help you along! Join me and two fellow Instagram creators in the #NotANormalResolution challenge! 

Here’s what it is:

An Instagram challenge that will start on January 1st and go until the 21st of the month. This challenge is to encourage others to live an overall healthier life encompassing mind, body, and spirit. It is these three things that when worked on, your overall quality of life improves! So, set your intentions now and be ready to share on the 1st because on the first you will be encouraged to share your resolution with this new community! Then, for the following 20 days, share a picture that represents how you are continuing to achieve that goal! It’s that simple.

You know what else? I will also be taking part in this challenge as well! I will be posting daily for 21 days about how I will be achieving my own resolution: to get back in the gym and to stay more organized. I used to be a huge gym rat but this last semester kicked my butt and I fell off track. I am hoping that if I live a more organized life, I will be able to get back into shape! Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@livingnsunshine) for a daily dose of encouragement and support over the 21 days. I will also be posting an update on this here bloggy (hopefully) every Friday to check in and see where I am in my resolution!

So now what?

  1. Well, join the challenge! Take a screen grab of the photo above and post it on your Instagram to let me know that your IN using the #NotANormalResolution!
  2. Tag me in the photo so I see that you are on this journey with me! Follow me to support me in mine 😊 Also, go follow @stevie_je & to see how they are joining the challenge as well!
  3. Post a photo on January 1st of your resolution and use the #NotANormalResolution to track your journey! Make sure to use this hashtag each day you post a photo so I can see your progress!
    1. Pssstt….if you tag me in your photos I will make sure to leave some love on your profile! 💕
  4. MAKE IT HAPPEN! Work hard to make your resolution a reality this new year! Share your progress with me as I support you through it all! Support others using the #NotANormalResolution on their new years journey!

It’s that simple! Let’s make 2017 a great year and get off on the right foot by making our resolutions a reality. Make sure to follow along on my journey to living a healthier, more organized life on Instagram by following @livingnsunshine too!

As always, shine on,



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