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March Ipsy Bag | What I Got!

Happy March Shiners! I know that statement is about half a month to late but I got there eventually. Each month I look forward to getting my Ipsy bag and this month I finally got mine! The reason why I got mine “late” is because I have it sent to school but when it came, I was at home for spring break. Sooo, you may have already seen other people’s bags or gotten your own but I figured I would still share with you what I got in my March Ipsy bag! 

(seriously how cute is this card?!)

Skoné Blending Brush

I loooove when I get a brush in my Ipsy bag because brushes are expensive and I can never bring myself to buy them. This brush is a fluffy, blending brush that would be great to use to blow out any smoky eye look you are going for.

Cake “Deserted Island” Lotion

HAND CREAM! HAND CREAM! HAND CREAM! Another thing that I love getting in my Ipsy bag because I am a freak about my hands being dry. Nothing drives me more crazy than sitting in class and my hands being dry. I seriously can’t think straight if they are so whenever I get a hand cream in my Ipsy bag, I instantly throw it in my backpack. This is more of a liquid based moisturizer and has that greasy after feel once you put it on. But, it smells amazing so I can look over the last two things just fine.

DLS Blush in “Kitty Pink”

Talk about a beautiful spring color! (Now all we need is for spring to come, am I right?) This blush is so soft and creamy and on top of that, it is pigmented! I have never heard of DLS before, but I am really happy I got this blush in my March Ipsy bag so I can see what this brand has to offer.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer

First Aid Beauty is a brand I was introduced to about a year ago through YouTube. I kind of have a story with this product and to make it short, it used to work really well with my skin but I think they have changed their formula and now my skin does not like it. I don’t know what it is but the last time I used it, my skin started to develop this really strange texture. First Aid Beauty is a great brand and they make products for people with sensitive skin but…my skin still does not like it. I will try this and see how things go. Updates to come…

Tarte “Tarteist” Lip Paint in Rosé

Tarte?! What?! Nothing makes me happier then getting a “bigger brand” in my Ipsy bags because again, I never want to break down and spend the money. What can I say? I am a poor college kid! While I am not a huge lip product person, I always like to add to my collection, especially when it is from Tarte.

I have to say, I am pretty pumped about my March Ipsy bag! I feel like I got a little bit of everything for your overall beauty needs. What is your favorite product you got in your Ipsy bag?

Shine on,


[ All photos are my own and products are linked in the descriptions per usual! ]


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