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Monday Motivation: Seize the Day!

This “Monday Motivation” is coming to you straight from Charleston, South Carolina! And this Monday, I encourage you to seize the day.

Did you know that the phrase “Carpe Diem” is a latin phrase that, loosely, means “seize the day”? I feel like that is pretty much common knowledge by now, but if not, you’re welcome, you just learned something new! This popular phrase is acting as this weeks Monday motivation because I am using it as my catch phrase for vacation. As much of you know, I am in Charleston for the week with JJ and she and I are so excited to be here. We have lots of plans in order to “seize” each day! Whether you are on vacation or just heading to work to start the week, seize the day by the bootstraps and rock it out! Take what life is giving to you and make it your own. Make it the best you can with what you have. For example, if you get stuck in traffic on your way to work, use the time to listen to the podcast you’ve been want to listen to for weeks now. Get super sick and you have to stay home? Binge watch your favorite show on Netflix and enjoy the day off. Take what life hands you and run with it in the positive direction! Carpe diem my friend, carpe diem.

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