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How to Be A Morning Person | My Tips & Tricks

Mornings are my favorite part of the day because when you get up early, you can get so much done during your day! I am the kind of person who is always up early and getting a start on my day. Doesn’t sound like you? Here are my tips and tricks on how to be a morning person! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I almost always am up and at em’ at 6AM! No joke. I am almost always up that early and either getting in my morning workout OR just taking an easy morning for myself. I love getting up early because it gives me so much more time in the day to get things done. Now, getting up early is no easy task but here are some things I do every day in order to be able to get up early.

Go to bed EARLY!

I promise you, it is possible to go to bed early while in college. I know, I do it all the time. The skill is to get your work done before it gets to late. Don’t procrastinate on getting your stuff done because then you are going to bed late. If you are a procrastinator, that’s your first hurdle to becoming a morning person.

If you are the type of person who struggles to go to bed because you lose track of time, set a nightly alarm to remind you to go to bed! If you have an iPhone, there is a nightly bedtime alarm you can set up to help you get to bed! Going to bed early is the best way to become a morning person. If you don’t go to bed early, there is no way that your body will be able to wake up early the next day.

Get ready for the next day, the night before!

Pack your lunch, lay out your clothes, run through your day in your head. Preparing for everything the night before saves you so much time in the morning and makes your morning run more smoothly. Make it apart of your nightly routine to pack your lunch and pick out your outfit. You will find that you feel more prepared and ready to get up in the morning if you have your things planned out.

Have a set morning routine!

Along with having a good nightly routine, having a set morning routine will help you become more of a morning person. Getting up and doing the same thing every time will help you to get in to the groove of waking up earlier and earlier. If you change what you do in the morning every single morning, you will never build the habit of getting up early. It is easier to set a new habit if you keep it consistent.

Remember to set an alarm!

This seems like common sense, but if you don’t set an alarm for the morning, how are you going to wake up? Some people can set one alarm and be good to go but personally, I need like five alarms. I wake up, I just need multiple alarms to do so. Pick a time you want to wake up and set your alarm!

Think about the benefits of waking up early!

Have a lot of things to get done? Want to feel more productive? Thinking about this is a great way to understand why getting up early is important and valuable! If you remind yourself of all the things you can get done when you wake up early, you’ll see it as worth while and you may actually start doing it!

There they are, all of my tips and tricks to becoming a morning person. Now, these aren’t sure fire ways and may not work for you but they are going to help a lot. These are all tricks that I use to get up and get moving! Happy mornings!

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  1. I wished I loved mornings as much as you! Such good tips though, I’ve done a similar post before..loved it😊

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