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Monday Motivation: Kind, Fierce, and Brave

What are some qualities that you try and hold within yourself? Here are a few to think about this Monday for your weekly dose of motivation.

I try to be kind to everyone around me. I feel like it is one quality that we as a world are severely lacking. Being kind can be as easy as holding the door for the person behind you or maybe a random act of kindness. Always try to practice kindness every day because you will be able to instantly see how it brightens someone else’s day. You might even impact them so much that they pass it along. Then, it’s like one big chain of kindness going out into the universe.

Another quality I try to practice is being fiercely confident in myself. This one is a little tougher because we live in a world that is constantly putting down women and girls. My trick? Good self-talk. When I think about myself, I always think in positives. Whether I am thinking about my work, school, my body, I always try to keep it positive. Be your own superhero, you might surprise yourself!

Finally, practice bravery often. Do something you have always wanted to do before but you have been too afraid to try. My big bravery moment was going abroad my sophomore year. I had never gone to a different country before by myself and this time I was going with a group of people I didn’t know for three months! The result? Learning that I love to travel more than I thought I did. Practicing bravery is a great way to learn something new about yourself.

Have a kind heart, fierce mind, and brave heart. You never know what might come of it.

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