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My First Plant Swap Experience

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first ever plant swap and you guys had so many questions over on Instagram. Because there were so many questions, I decided to share my first ever plant swap experience with you guys here on the blog!

It should come to no surprise that I, well, love plants. Like a lot. Probably more than other 23 year old ladies but I am not ashamed of this hobby of mine. I bought my first ever house plant the summer before my junior year in college and very quickly had several more. My plant count is close to 20 currently and I am always on the hunt for more plants. This hunt led me to find the NYC Plant Swap 2018 that I attended a couple of weeks ago in NYC!

When I found out about this swap, I was so excited because it married two of my favorite things: plants and the Big Apple! I heard about this swap months ago on HomesteadBrooklyn‘s instagram page and instantly knew I wanted to attend. Now, I did have to pay to go but all the money went to Project Farmhouse (a supporter of local NYC farms and farmer’s markets) so I didn’t mind spending the $12.

I had never been to a plant swap before so I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew was that I had to bring a plant I was willing to let go of and that other planty people would be there. I eventually found the place and went in. There were so many plants! I was in a planty person heaven. The system is simple, you bring a plant and you talk to others and ask if they want to trade. If they do, you trade, and if not, then you take the moment and learn from them.

One of my favorite things about this day was all of the different people who came. There were older people, young people, men and women from all different backgrounds. Everyone came for the shared love of plants and brought their own knowledge to share with others. I learned so much from talking with these other people and listening to their experiences with their plants.

Also got to meet the brain behind the whole thing, Summer Rayne Oakes (aka HomesteadBrooklyn on Instagram!)

In the end, I came home with 8 new plants! What I ended up doing was waiting till the very end and taking home some plants that people didn’t feel like taking home with them. Doing this allowed me to take home several new plants I don’t already have but also led to me carrying around eight plants around NYC for the rest of the day.

This experience was seriously so much fun and something I will be doing again. I think next time though, I will bring more interesting plants to trade! If you ever want to learn more about plants or why I love them oh so much, just let me know! For now, I am going to go water my own!

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