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Graduation, Moving, Job Hunting, OH MY! | Life Update

Holy smacks I have 12 days of senior year left before I graduate and 14 days until I move…*panics* I cannot even begin to describe how overwhelming this all is and how crazy it feels to say, “I am graduating and moving away…”. This post is dedicated to explaining everything that is going to happen in the next few weeks, and months, and years, so similar to last week, grab a snack and read away!

The End of College

I have exactly 12 days left as a college senior and only 5 days left student teaching. This semester has been far different last but still just as crazy. A different crazy because I have been focusing on moving, finding an apartment, and planning my wedding instead of focusing on lesson planning and instruction. I have learned so much while working at a children’s hospital but not without losing some students. Yep, I had four patient’s pass while working at the children’s hospital this semester alone. It was never easy but it taught me that I am stronger than I know when it comes to working in the hospital environment. I am extremely grateful for this experience and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Another thing that I am doing a lot of in the last few weeks is spending time with my friends. This semester I have realized that I am getting less and less time with them so I am really focusing on being present and around when I can. I have come to realize that I have surrounded myself with bright, achieved, successful people and I could not be more proud to call these girls my friends. It is going to be so hard (and sad) to leave them here so soon but we already have a reunion planned in the next year (aka, my wedding!). My friends have helped me get through so much and I don’t think I can ever explain how truly thankful I am for all of them. This includes my Madewell girls who I work with because I spend just as much time with them that I do my roommates. Hold your friends close college ladies, you time comes to an end faster than you think!


The next biggest thing happening in my life is that I AM MOVING! And not just like, into a different house, but like, to another state! New Jersey to be exact. I am moving because Lucas has a job waiting for him so I am following him there. I am three parts excited, one part so scared I think I might poop my pants. Seriously. While I am excited to go to a new place, have my own apartment (with Lucas, of course), and be so close to NYC but I am also so, so scared. Scared to be far away from the friends I have, scared to be further away from my mom, and scared to be with Lucas all the time. Truth be known, he and I are not together very often so going from often enough to all the time is going to be a big change. I am excited to be with him, hell I am marrying him, but I also just know it will be a change for the both of us.

We move two days after we graduate, with our three dogs and all the house plants in tow. It will be a very long, 13 hour drive there but I am choosing to see it as an adventure. Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you don’t already because I will be storying the whole trip! ALSO: If you have any recommendations of places to go, see, eat in New Jersey of NYC, pass them my way!

Job Hunting

One of the biggest annoyances of my life currently, applying to jobs. Probably just as bad as applying for college, applying for jobs is just terrible. They take forever, you have to apply at so many places, and you never hear from anyone. I have already applied to nine schools and only have one interview set up when I get out to New Jersey (yay!). For those of you who have to start applying soon, good luck, and know that it will all be okay.

Future Trips

Finally, I am traveling SO MUCH in the coming months that it can be a little hard keeping it all straight. My first trip is actually back home for my cousins graduation two weeks after I move to New Jersey. Then, I fly back twice to the mid-west for weddings I am attending, and then another trip to Charleston for our engagement shoot. It will be a whirlwind of a summer because of all of this, but I love traveling so I think it will be fun! Part of me also wants to take a trip to visit my friends in their new homes so we will see….

I know for a fact that the next two weeks are going to go by so fast that I won’t even know where they went. During this time, I am going to soak it all in and get as much time with my people as possible. I also want to share with you people that I will continue to blog even though I am no longer in college. This whole blog is surrounded around college but just because my time in college is coming to an end doesn’t mean this blog is. I am unsure where I will take it, but I will continue to let it grow and inspire any of you who read it.

Shine on,



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