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My Summer Bucket List!

With Memorial Day just recently passing, summer has offically started! This summer, with being in a new place, I want to make a summer bucket list and see how many things I can check off. I want to make the most of this summer in a new place and really enjoy the moments that come with being in a new place. Need some summer inspiration? Here’s my summer bucket list!

My Summer 2018 Bucket Lists…

For Myself:

  • spend way to much time poolside
  • practice yoga MORE
  • meet new people, make new friends
  • try something new (I really want to take a dance class!)
  • learn a new skill (macrame maybe?)
  • start paying off my student loans (it’s good to be a little practical)

With My Babe:

  • travel into NYC as much as possible
  • seeĀ Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildĀ on Broadway
  • continue to plan our wedding
  • make our apartment everything we want it to be
  • try new things as a couple

For My Blog:

  • find a photographer who gets my vision
  • grow my Instagram game
  • put out new blog content weekly (really reaching, twice weekly)
  • continue to collaborate with brands I love
  • become more consistent with posting and writing

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Like I said, I am so excited for summer and to be in a new place. I am feeling inspired, excited, and joyful to be in this place and really open to trying new things. I hope this summer is productive and exciting. How many things do you think I can cross off? What are your summer time goals?

Shine on,



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  1. Caitlyn says:

    I love that you said find a photographer that gets your vision. Because finding a photographer is easy, but ensuring that they create images that match what you envision is hard. It’s why I love taking photos myself!! Or forcing my sister or other bloggers to do it Lol

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