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Our Save the Dates! A Wedding Update!

Another wedding update is here! This week I am sharing my save the dates and all the details that come with them!

In this post I am going to share with you my save the dates, where we got them, and where we had them printed! I was going to combine this post with my bridesmaid proposals as well, but it would be WAY to long! (LOL!)

Before even deciding on a specific design, I knew there were a few things I wanted to look for. First, I knew I wanted all of my wedding paper (save the dates, invites, RSVPs, thanks you notes, etc.) to all look the same. That’s just how I am as a human and I want myself to shine though this whole wedding process from start to finish. I also knew I wanted something I could customize and make my own. I knew I wanted my wedding paper to have a greenery design on it because that really plays into what we are doing flower-wise on the big day!

In comes Etsy! Etsy is a treasure box FULL of amazing wedding stationary ideas, templates, and actual, physical cards you can purchase. Thankfully, I knew a general idea of what I wanted because there are literally thousands of different options when you type in “wedding invites” to search for them. After some searching I found three that I loved and ended up showing Lucas which we then picked the final one we have now! We got them from the amazing Etsy shop owner, StudioBohemme!

In the end, we ended up picking this one because it was a set that came with a save the date, an RSVP, and the actual wedding invite that all looked similar, but weren’t the exact same thing. This set hit the two things I was looking for (cohesiveness & greenery) and it just really appealed to both of us! With it being a template, I could customize it and print it whenever we were ready. So, we purchased the template, customized it, and then had it printed with Vistaprint!

All in all, we ended up spending $15 for the template and $95 to have the save the dates printed and delivered to us by Vistaprint. This includes plain white envelopes for all of the cards we ordered which Vistaprint gives you for FREE when you oder with them!

Lucas and I did decide to send these out about a year before our wedding because we are doing a destination wedding. We wanted to make sure we gave our guests PLENTY of time to plan, save, and decide if they wanted to travel for our wedding. I also included a little invite for my Bridal Brunch for those who I wanted to attend, as we are having it a couple of days before the big day!

If you are also planning a destination wedding, I highly recommend doing this as it shows you care about their guests and their time. I can’t wait to start hearing from people and what they think! Tell me, are you a destination wedding kind of girl or a hometown hero?

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