5 Trends We’re Seeing This Spring

    Spring is right around the corner and at every new season, new trends start to pop up all over the place. Personally, I love a good trend. Especially when they are super cute like these ones! Here are five trends we are seeing this springContinue reading


    15 Things to Do Over Spring Break!

    Spring break is that time of year where it seems like everyone is heading down to Fort Lauderdale (aka Frat Lauderdale) to spend the week in the sand, getting a tan, and drinking the day away. Don’t get me wrong, if that is your vibe, own it. Go for it. Just remember to put some sunscreen on every two hours so you don’t get skin cancer and wrinkle prematurely. But, if that isn’t your vibe and you are looking for something to do, here are 15 things to do over spring break! Continue reading


    Sunday Brunch | A Peak into Indy

    If you don’t know already, I attend college in Indianapolis, Indiana and this city is so fun. It is one of the larger cities in the Midwest and let me tell you, it has its charm. This past weekend my dad came to town and my brother and I decided to head downtown for breakfast.  Continue reading


    How To “Do” Long Distance: Tips and Advice

    Being in a relationship is a crazy, beautiful thing. It can be challenging, frustrating, and oh so rewarding. But being in a long distance relationship is a whole new ball game. Before jumping into this post, let me give you a little bit of background on my long-term, currently long-distant relationship! Continue reading