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Reunited and It Feels So Good! | + A NYC Travel Guide

*Cue the music*…”Reunited and it feels sooooo gooood!” Guys, my best of best friends came to visit me in my new home last weekend and it was a blast. We, of course, went into the city and ran around without a care.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this visit filled up my bucket. I didn’t know how much I needed some girl time until I had said girl time. I think sometimes it is so easy to take advantage of the people in our lives and not realize how much they do for us. Times like this remind me of how much my friends do for me even thought we are no longer living together. Find yourself some friends who will fly across the country to see you (& your pups) for a weekend.

Like I said, we spent pretty much all weekend in the city and it was a blast. New York during fall is so beautiful and so much better than New York in the summer time (lol!). The weather was so perfect and only a smidge too cold on day 2. If you have never been to NYC, here are some of the places we went and LOVED:

  • Central Park: PERFECT during this time of year for a walk and to people watch. If you are a dog person, get to Central Park asap. Totally worth the time to take a good stroll. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge: The quintessential spot for a classic New York picture. It is crowded and busy but have some patients and you will get the shot for sure.
  • Ground Central: The cutest coffee shop just 5 minutes from the Staten Island Ferry terminal. The coffee shop itself is so cool (again, a perfect photo opportunity) & the coffee is delicious. It is the perfect stop if you are wanting something warm to drink. 
  • The classic big buildings: The Empire State Building, The One World Observatory, Times Square, and Rockefeller Plaza. 
  • DO: DO (dough) is the insta-famous edible cookie dough place in the heart of NYC. Close to NYU, DO is a good stop if you want something sweet. They have so many types of cookie dough flavors plus ice cream and cupcakes if those are more your flavor. I have been here twice now and plan on returning with my mom in December! 
  • Black Tap Burger & Milkshake Bar: If you caught the picture on my IG of that HUGE milkshake, this is where we got it. About a 20 minute walk from Times Square and a 30 minute wait, this place is WORTH IT. The food is so good (they have vegan options for my plant based babes) and the milkshakes are sugar coma inducing. Seriously, I was in awe of every milkshake I saw coming out of the kitchen. This place is so worth the wait, the money, and the food baby you will have three days after your meal. 

If you have never been to NYC, these are for sure the places to check out. It is great to just walk around and take everything in. I would say if you are going to take a trip, take it now until Christmas. NYC as Christmas time is seriously the most magical thing. If you go, hit me up!

Shine on, 


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