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Shop My Feed: ShopStyle Collective!

Okay so remember when I said I would do a “Shop My Look” series? Yeah well, that became WAY to hard to keep up on soooo I found an easier way for you all to shop my Instagram feed / blog post looks. Enter ShopStyle Collective!

What is ShopStyle Collective?

ShopStyle Collective (SSC) is an online shopping database that allows bloggers and influencers to easily link the products in their photos to where they purchased them! Think but you don’t get the emails. Now, as I am a very honest person and I don’t hide anything, this is a type of affiliate program that people use. What that means is, with every click someone makes, there is a small profit made (and by small I mean like $0.05). If you are someone who doesn’t like affiliate programs, totally fine, you don’t have to click the links 😊

How do I use ShopStyle Collective?

I use ShopStyle Collective in order to easily show you guys where I buy my outfits! Now, I just found SSC and started using it, so not every outfit is up on my shopping page. I have managed to get a good deal up already and here is how you shop them:

  1. At the top of my home page you will now find a button that reads Shop Instagram. Click that bad boy and then this will page will open:

2. As you can see, several of my photos are already and up linked on this page! If I post a photo of something that is old (like that criss-cross tie front dress), I will post similar pieces in the details. This page is where you can find all of my Instagram looks and find out where I bought something / what I paid for it! Want to shop a specific look? Just click it and then you’ll see this:

3. Once you click a specific look, the products I have linked to it will pop up below the original picture. From there, you can click the specific piece you like and shop away! It’s that easy!

But Maddy, what if I see something on the ‘gram and I wanna shop it from my phone?

Well good friend, I’ll show ya! Now if you go into my Instagram profile you will notice a new link at the bottom of my bio, it looks a little like this:

  1. When you click that link, my blog will open up directly to the “Shop Instagram” page that we looked at earlier and will look like this:

3. Again, you can see all of the pictures and outfits that I have linked through ShopStyle Collective! If there is a specific outfit you want to shop, just click it and similar to if you were on your computer, the linked products will popup below the photo like this:

4. From there, you can directly click the products you want to shop! It’s really that easy 😊

Hopefully this is a better way for all of you to shop my looks! I love posting outfit pictures on Instagram and sharing where I found the pieces. I decided to use and join ShopStyle Collective in order to make shopping my looks easier for you. Keep in mind, I am still learning how to use this tool and as I learn something new, I will let you know! Hopefully this makes things a little easier and quicker for both you and me! Are you excited for this easier way to shop?

Shine on,


Disclosure: ShopStyle Collective is an affiliate program in which clicks and purchases may result in a monetary commission for Maddy of Living in the Sunshine. Thank you for supporting my blog and helping me grow in this way! 



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