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Spring Break Essentials | What to Pack

It’s that time of year where everyone is heading on spring break and heading towards the warm weather. If you haven’t already had your spring break (I already have) then you might be feelin’ a little something new to bring along with you. If you are wanting to spoil yourself this spring break, here are some essentials you need to pack!

A cute sun dress:

As my mom likes to call them, a “flippy-do dress”! I feel like an easy, throw-on dress is the second most important thing to pack for a spring break trip behind your swimsuit. This dress is not only cute, but its CHEAP! Like, $18 cheap! As a broke college kid, you can’t beat that. (Find it here)

Shoes to trek around in:

While Birkenstocks are super comfortable, they are pretty pricy. So why spend the cash when you can get something that looks similar but for a third of the price?! These slip on sandals are so on trend with the rose gold color, plus they are only $23. Slip them on and head to the beach but don’t forget to paint your toenails 😉 (Find it here)

A swimsuit you slay in:

The one piece swimsuits are making a come back and I LOVE it. This one piece from Aerie is so cute and looks really flattering, with the ruffles and the cut-out just below your chest area. The pattern on this screams spring break and it is something you can wear throughout summer. Plus, it’s on sale right now! (Find it here)

A towel to lay on:

Okay so this towel is the most expensive thing in this entire blog post (pricing in at $75) but come on…it is so CUTE! It is not the most functional towel I have ever seen but how cute would you look laying out on it?! It is from one of my fav brands,, which explains why it is so cute. I love the circle/shaped towel trend that has been happening the last few years and this towel probably one of the best I have seen. (Find it here)

Something to play with:

Who doesn’t love a good floaty? This floaty is super fun with the donut shape and it is reasonably priced at $20! Pack this floaty with you and take some of the cutest Instagrams of all spring break history. (Find it here)

Spring break is in full swing for a lot of people and finding the perfect things to pack can be tricky. Hopefully this list of essentials was helpful for you! Remember to wear sunscreen and and drink lots of water (let me hear the, “yes mom”s lol).

Shine on,


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