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Spring Break Re-Cap | Visiting Charleston

Long time no read friends! SO sorry for being a smidge absent here on the bloggy, but I have a good reason, I was on springĀ  break! This past week I was on spring break in the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina with two of my roommates. Hopefully you caught it all on my Instagram but if you didn’t, here is my spring break re-cap!

On of the best things about Charleston is all of the window boxes! My mom and I always stalk all the beautiful flower boxes on people’s homes and take way to may pictures. Even in March, people’s boxes were in full bloom. How beautiful are these flowers?!

One of my favorite things to do is walk around and look at all the houses. Since I am so extra, I paused at a quaint little house and had a mini-photoshoot. My friends were definitely laughing at me but I mean, the photos are great, right?

Another thing we did for the day was went and visited the Angel Oak Tree. This tree is literally thousands of years old and was so beautiful. Unfortunately, it was POURING down rain when we went. A little rain didn’t stop us from taking some pictures!

And by far my favorite thing we did was visit Magnolia Plantation and Gardens (aka, the place in which I will be getting married!). The gardens were already blooming and visiting made me even more excited to get married there in another year! This place is so special and I loved seeing all the flowers!

Charleston literally has my heart. One day I hope I can live there forever because it is one of the best places! For now, I will just visit (and get married) there. Lucky for me, my mom is moving there oh so soon so I have more excuses to go! Where is somewhere you like to travel?!

Shine on,


[All photos are my own and are owned by Maddy of Living in the Sunshine blog.]


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  1. Caitlyn says:

    omg how did I not know that Charleston was so GORGEOUS. I need to visit there!

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