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How To Style: The Perfect White Dress

We’ve all been a fan of the little black dress but how many of us know how to rock her little sister, the perfect white dress? White dresses are one of my favorite summer staples because they are simple, keep you cool, and look effortless. White dresses are kind of scary to wear because if you eat like me, you will probably dribble something down the front of yourself and stain it. Fear not, with some concentration while eating and proper accessorizing, even you can rock the PWD.

Seriously, how cute is this dress?! I bought it from Madewell on sale and have been wearing it at least once a week since then. My favorite part about this dress is the bell-sleeve detail. They take the simple white dress to a whole new level of easy sophistication. To style this dress, I kept it simple with my favorite brown sandals (which are on sale too!) and matching brown leather backpack. Fun fact: I bought the backpack for $40 off of someone online…talk about a steal!

Another way I like to style this dress is with my favorite denim jacket. Throwing on a denim jacket is an easy way to wear a white dress all year long because no one truly follows the “no white after labor day” rule anyway. While I don’t think this dress would be cute with tights, I do think with the addition of a denim jacket, you could wear this look well into fall! A vest would also be another great layering option.

Some things to keep in mind when wearing a white dress: the proper undergarments (because while purple undies are cute, they are not cute under a white dress), the type of meal you are going to eat that day (ketchup and white fabric don’t mix well), and how bad the garment wrinkles. As you can see, my dress wrinkles¬†a lot.¬†That is really my only beaf with this dress. I will steam it in the morning and it will wrinkle as soon as I sit down but if you can get past that, this dress is amazing.

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White dresses are a great summer staple that can be carried into fall if you style them correctly. I know they can be scary to wear, trust me I feared them as well for the longest time. Once you find the perfect white dress, your whole opinion might change. How do you feel about white dresses? Fan or not? Let me know!

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