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Ten Things You Actually Need to Take to College!

People are heading back to school sooner than I think we all want to admit and places like Pinterest are crawling with long list of “College Must Haves”. Being someone who is obsessed with Pinterest (P.S. you should totally follow me) and has gone through all of these list and being a current college Junior, I figured I would try and make life a little easier. SO, without further ado here are my ten things you actually need to take to college with you! 

For Studying:


JanSport Backpack ($55): Okay this one is super obvious because if you fall in the “student” category of life, then you need a backpack to survive. Why I picked this backpack in particular is because it’s a JanSport and because it’s cute and functional at the same time. I myself carry this awesome mustard yellow JanSport backpack and I get so many compliments on it! JanSport has been making bags for forever meaning their quality is high and their functionality is awesome. JanSport backpacks are great because they have so many pockets on the outside of the bag and on the inside, like a designated spot for your laptop. Bonus points if it has a water bottle pocket on the side like the one pictured! 

bando-abstract-agenda-front-cover 17-Month Agenda ($20): I am a firm believer in the agenda- have been ever since I was given the school issued one in middle school that everyone else had but never really used. Agendas are great because they help you keep not only your school work organized but also your personal life! If you don’t use an agenda already, I HIGHLY recommend this one from I love so much that I wrote an entire post about my obsession here. Long story short, this agenda is set up beautifully and even comes in cute patterns. The $20 bucks is totally worth it in order to stay organized. 


ModCloth Floral Headphones ($34.99): Studying in college, or in high school, can be a challenge if there is a noisy roommate or annoying peer in the library. Good headphones are a must in order to block out the outside world when you need to buckle down and study for a final. No need to go and drop big money though, these headphones from ModCloth are not only cute but also a great deal! Over the ear headphones are all the rage and also great when you have a snoring roommate or a phone that keeps on buzzing. Plug them in, turn up the music, and tune out everything else.


Target Room Essentials Desk Lamp ($7.99): Remember that snoring roommate? They are snoring because its 2 AM and you’ve just started a paper that’s due in six hours. If (and possibly when) you become this person and you lack the ability to have the ceiling lights on, you can rely on the all important desk lamp. Not only handy in the 2 AM, gotta finish a paper situation, but also just generally a good thing to have. Dorm room lighting is not always ideal and this little (and super cheap) lamp will help bring in some more light when you need it.

For Staying Clean:


Target Body Shower Wrap ($12.99): Of all the lists on Pinterest that I read, this wrap was not on any of them which is really a shame BECAUSE THIS IS SUCH A HANDY DANDY THING. I know, I know, the caps is a litter extreme but I really cannot hide my love for the Target shower wrap. I bought this before my freshman year and very quickly learned how handy it is. Showers in college are small so stripping in them to shower is a no and walking down the hall holding your caddy in one hand and using the other to hold up your towel is no easy task either. This wrap is awesome because it has an elastic band at the top and a velcro close, meaning anyone can use it and be hands free on their stroll to the showers. 


PB Teen Shower Caddy ($54): Yes, $54 for a shower caddy is expensive. No, you do not have to buy this exact shower caddy. You can very easily buy one for $10 at target if you are on a budget and aren’t going so much for the “cute” factor like I was when I bought this. I’m not ashamed I bought an almost $60 shower caddy….okay maybe a little but too little to late. All of that aside, I still think a caddy is great and a “must have” for college. It has five (or four) pockets on the outside with one large compartment in the middle but even with all that space it isn’t too bulky. Paired with PB Teen’s cute patterns and the ability to monogram, this caddy is perfect.


PB Teen Hamper ($34-49): Again, I think in this instance you are paying for the pattern here with these adorable PB Teen hampers. Nonetheless, a hamper is a nonnegotiable for not only college but also just generally for life. The reason I picked these ones for this post, on top of how cute they are, is the fact that they have straps on them. In most dorms, the laundry room is in the basement and to get there you have to take the stairs (won’t your FitBit be happy?). A normal plastic hamper is fine when it’s sitting in your closet but annoying as soon as you have to haul it up and down three flights of stairs when you need to clean your clothes. If you don’t want to spend big bucks on these PB Teen hampers, look for a cheaper option but one with a strap for easier carrying throughout the dorm!

For Staying Organized:


PB Teen Hair Accessories Organizer ($99): If you are going to spend your money on anything, this organizer is a good splurge. It helps you keep all of your hot tools contained in one spot without the cords going everywhere or your tools burning through your cheap dorm room carpet. This is another thing that I personally own and have taken it to school with me every year and I even use it when I am home for breaks. The organizer has three openings in the top, two little compartments in the front, and a pull out drawer divided into two smaller sections (which are the perfect spot to stow away hair ties and bobby pins!). Another awesome thing about this caddy is there is an electric strip built in the back so you can plug all your stuff into the strip and only take up one plug in spot in the wall! 


Huggable Hangers ($7.64 for set of 20): I also feel like hangers are a pretty obvious “must have” for college but I have made this “must have” a little more specific. I recommend Huggable Hangers as your pick for hangers because they are lined with felt which helps your clothes stay on the hanger when you are too lazy to properly hang stuff up. They are also really thin which helps you save space in the long run. I use Huggable Hangers to keep my closet organized and pick them up cheap (cheaper than Target!) at my local Container Store.

For Staying Healthy:


Corkcicle Canteen ($27.95): I promise I would not recommend an almost $30 water bottle if I did not think it was a good buy. This water bottle is a good buy. Why is it a good water bottle you ask? Because it’s one of those fancy ones that says it will keep your drink cold for 24 hours and warm for 12….and actually does it. I own the green version of this canteen and I promise you it works. Drinking LOTS of water all day is up there in one of the healthiest things you can do, so if you can’t invest your time or money in a gym membership, invest it in a good water bottle. I do warn you though that this particular water bottle is made completely of metal so if you drop it, it makes a really loud noise and people are sure to look at you while you awkwardly pick it up in the crowded dining hall.


And that is it! Those are my ten things you actually need when you go to college! I hope this article helped you in deciding what you need and what you don’t need when you start your packing. As always, everything pictured is linked in the descriptions and the photos used are borrowed from the store websites. Happy shopping!

Continue to find the sunshine,



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