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The Liebster Award | I Won Something?!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh you guys (Legally Blonde the Musical, anyone?)! I was nominated to win this award, how cool is that?!

Okay, okay so it’s not like a legit award, more like a nomination / just for fun award. The Liebster Award is a way for bloggers to connect and support other bloggers out these. Now a days, there a literally thousands of bloggers, and finding the good ones can be tricky! That’s where the Liebster Award comes in. This award is passed along between bloggers to help their readers find new, amazing blogs. I was given this award by the lovely Carling of and I am so thankful for it. Not only does she have a blog, she also has a YouTube channel that you can check out right here.

Since Carling nominated me and I accepted, I have some questions she posted on her blog for me to answer! After that, I am going to nominate 5 more wonderful bloggers and leave them some questions to answer as well. This way, we all get to learn a little bit more about our bloggers and spread a little bit of love around (because who doesn’t like spreadin’ the love?).

The Questions:

  • What is your preferred location to write a blog post? (i.e. coffee shops, office, etc.) 

    • For sure sitting on the floor in my room. That is where most of the magic happens with my pups near by and some YouTube vids playing on my Roku stick (because cable is expensive and we only have wifi in our house 😝 )
  • Have you encountered any obstacles on your journey to getting your blog to where it is now? If so, what was it and how did you overcome it? 

    • Oh my gosh SO many! So this is a long story but I am going to make it short. I first started Living In The Sunshine off of Weebly, which is just another web hosting platform. I paid the $80 for a year domain subscription, started building, and hated my site so much. It was then that I changed my mind and wanted the freedom of and all that it allows me to do. SO, I had to then drop another $150 (ouch, I know) to move it over to this new site and build it from scratch. I joined three blogging Facebook groups, watched countless YouTube tutorials, and spent hours at Starbucks getting it all figured out. I have to say though, I find great satisfaction when I learn something new in regards to the bloggy. Just ask bae, because I usually call him and share my excitement even though I’m sure he doesn’t care as much as me!
  • What made you first start your blog? 

    • Truthfully, I just love to talk about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle related topics and I wanted to share my love with others. I actually had a YouTube channel for awhile but managing filming, editing, and posting consistently with school got to be really hard. I was looking for something along the same lines but not so intense, so I started my blog!
  • What is one piece of advice that you wish you could give your 15 year old self? 

    • One piece of advice would to be not to stress so much, specifically with school stuff. I went to a high school that was very competitive and demanding on the students and it took a toll on me. I would stress out so much about my grades, an individual test grade, and doing better than everyone else. NEWS FLASH LITTLE MADDY, it really doesn’t matter. The sun will still rise tomorrow if you get a C on a test. It’ll be okay, try not to stress over it.

My Nominees:

Jo of Floral Extract

Victoria of A College Blog

Kate from the Classic Collegian

Samantha from Barry Chic

Michelle from Graceful South

Some Q’s for the above babes:

  1. What is the topic of you blog and why did you choose it?
  2. What is something you look for in a blog / Instagram feed?
  3. How long have you been blogging?
  4. What is one of your favorite posts you have ever written and why?
  5. What’s one thing your followers don’t know about you?

How fun is this award? I love that it is a fun way to spread love and support throughout the blogging community! I am so grateful for the support I get from so many of you babes. Creating this blog has been a work of love and effort and having such a great community behind me is amazing.

Shine on,



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