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5 Things to Change to Have A Better Semester!

Last semester not go the way you planned? Maybe it felt like you were always two steps behind everyone else? Girl, I have been there. The best thing to do is to leave it in the past, try not to dwell to much, and to do better this semester. If you aren’t quite sure where to start, don’t worry! I bring to you, 5 things to change to have a better semester!

1. Get more sleep!

If you were the kind of student who didn’t go to bed until 2AM every night…..why?! Sleep is so so important to your success and could have been part of the problem last semester. I’m not saying get 8 hours every night, but maybe shoot for 6 or 7. The moment you get more sleep, you will tell instantly that you just feel better, are more refreshed, and find that living is just easier. Try your best to get more rest, and I won’t be apologizing for sounding like your mom.😉

2. Get organized early!

If you read my blog,, then you know how obsessed I am with my planner. I believe in a planner more than I believe in anything else in this world. They are crucial if you struggle with keeping all your assignments straight in your brain. My favorite planner comes from the brand and you can shop them here!

3. Set a schedule!

Okay this one encompasses both tips 1 and 2. Set a schedule when you will get everything done. Schedule when you will do your homework, get to your meetings, and even when you will catch some shuteye. Use that cute planner you just bought and try and get things done early so you can get more sleep. The more organized and structured you keep yourself, the better your semester will go!

4. Rethink your space!

Maybe the issue last semester was that your space that you were working in just wasn’t right for you. Did you study in your room all semester? Maybe go to the library! Switching up your space can be so beneficial to working in a new mindset. Or, if your room was really messy last semester, try and keep it clean this time around. A messy room is a messy mind in my opinion, so take 10 minutes every day to tidy up.

5. Find help early!

Do not wait until the last minute to get help. If you know from the start that you are taking a challenging class, take the initiative to get help. Go see your professor and ask what they might recommend as extra help, find a tutor, reach out to a friend who has already taken the class and find out what worked for them. You will thank yourself later for getting the help sooner rather than later, I promise!

I hope some of these tips help you have a better semester than the last one. Which one of these tips do you think will be the most helpful? Let me know!

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