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5 Things to Do During Winter Break

Hallelujah it’s winter break! Three cheers to you my friend for finishing this semester and not going completely mad. I don’t know about you but..this semester was rough. I worked a lot and classes kept me insanely busy. I am so ready for break. So so ready. I am sure you are too but sometimes you get all excited for break and then don’t know what to do! So, let me make life easy for you and just give you 5 things to do over winter break! 

1. Give yourself a spa day!

Pamper yourself over break with a spa day! There are so many ways you can do this but I think the bigger you go the better! Go out and grab some new nail polish (I like this color), a face mask (maybe try this one?), and maybe even a bath bomb (check this out) and find your zen. All of these things are from Target, so it won’t even break the bank. After a semester like this, you deserve it. 

2. Watch all your favorite shows on Netflix!

Netflix is one of those things that everyone loves but doesn’t sometimes have the time for during the school year. Yes, a lot of people use Netflix as a good break and distraction during the semester, but really, you don’t have enough time in the day to watch everything you want to watch. Now is your chance though! Some of my favorites? Black Mirror (this one f*cks with your head), the Gilmore Girls revival (because duh) and I am currently (slowly) making my way through Grey’s Anatomy. 

3. Go ice skating!

Even if you aren’t good at it, it is still fun to try! I love going ice skating at least one time a year and over winter break is literally the most appropriate time to do so. Take your bae, take your friend, your sibling, or even your mom. Ice skating is so fun and really cheap to do! Get out of the house and do something fun! 

4. Try some of those things you have pinned on Pinterest!

I loooooooove Pinterest so much and school sometimes keeps me from loving it as much as I would like. Also, who has time during the semester to actually do those DIY’s or make those recipes they pin anyway? No one! Take the time now! Try out all those crazy DIY’s and read all the inspirational quotes out there. And if you want to, check out my Pinterest here (shameful plug, I know 😉)

5. Explore the city you live in!

Go out and find a new adventure! While it is fun and nice to lay around all day on break, sometimes its more refreshing to go out and do something you have never done before. One website that is really fun to use is! The bae and I used this a few summers ago to plan a road trip but it is just as handy when you want to explore your own hometown! You never know what you might find out there. 

Alrighty, I hope these things gave you ideas as to what to do with your winter break! What are some things you plan on doing over break? Me? I’m about to go get on Pinterest 😉

Shine on, 



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