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25 Things to Do This Fall!

Happy fall guys! Can you believe it is here already? I feel like August and September FLEW by. Part of me is freaked out about it and part of me is so excited because October is my favorite month of the entire year.  The leaves start to change, the weather cools off, and the fashion is amazing. Lookin’ for some ways to celebrate fall? Well my friends, here are 25 things you can do this fall! 

hello autumn

Things you can do inside:

1.Redecorate your dorm with some fun fall pieces like this and this!

2. DIY some fall crafts if you’re on a budget like this!

3. Wear fuzzy socks and drink hot chocolate while watching your favorite fall themes movie (think Halloween Town)

4. Transition your closet from Summer to Fall/Winter during your school’s Fall Break or long weekend

5. Bake some of your favorite fall foods you have saved from Pinterest, like this amazing looking recipe for taco soup!

Things you can do outside:

6. Go for a long walk and appreciate the beautiful colors you see!

7. Go to an apple orchard / pumpkin patch

8. Pick apples / pumpkins at said orchard or patch!

9. Have a ridiculous fall photoshoot and take pictures that are #Goalz

10. Sit outside wearing your favorite sweater and do some homework. Soak in the outdoors while you can!

Things you can do with your friends:

11. Swap fall clothing pieces to get some new things in your closet

12. Plan an all Disney Halloween movie marathon

13. Carve pumpkins that you picked while at the pumpkin patch

14. Have a potluck picnic outside where you each make your favorite dish!

15. Volunteer somewhere that needs help with lawn care or prepping for winter (i.e. a senior living community that needs the leaves racked or a homeless shelter organizing donations)

Things you can do for school:

16. Plan for your next semester (yep, you need to do this early)

17. Look through your grades and make sure you aren’t missing anything

18. Talk to your professor of a class you might be struggling in! Get help before midterms start and it’s too late to get that grade up!

19. Reinvest in school supplies you are suddenly out of (seriously, where do pencils go?!)

20. Let your parents know when you will be coming home for breaks / plan out your breaks

Things you can do for yourself:

21. Paint your nails your favorite fall color. I am currently wearing this color from Essie!

22. Refocus on your goals and needs.

23. Reach out to a friend from home and see how they are doing

24. Find some time to be alone. Especially if you are always with roommates or friends.

25. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting (or needing) for awhile now. Whether it be a new sweater or a new water bottle, just buy it for yourself. You’re already almost halfway through the semester, you deserve it girl 😘

I’m positive that if you do any of these fun activities, your fall will be amazing. And if you don’t do any of them, I’m sure your fall will still be amazing. Make sure to take pictures of you doing any of these things and tag me in them on Instagram. I would love to see which activities were your favorite!

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