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Starting New Traditions |A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch!

Fall is here guys and I think almost every person on Instagram is living for it. For Lucas and I, it meant taking our annual trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out the fattest, round pumpkins we could find. 

With moving in together this past May, and moving across the country at the same time, we knew that we would (and wanted) to start new traditions together as a couple. We wanted to try new things, go to new places, do new things together in this new season of life. But, with not being from the area, we weren’t sure where to go for our first pumpkin picking trip of the season. Thanks to a couple of recommendations from my co-workers, we found the perfect spot. 

We decided to go to Terhune Farms, about a 30 minute drive for us, and guys, this place was NO JOKE. I think it was a combination of it being a Sunday but also a combination of the weather being boarder line perfect, the place was packed to the brim. Families, couples, older people, younger people, everyone seemed to be at the pumpkin patch. Which, for socially awkward people like Lucas and myself, it was a lot to take in. 

BUT, in the name of pumpkin picking and trying new things, we pushed past the people and carried on. This day is something I will carry with me forever. It is the first time Lucas and I ventured out to start a new tradition, just the two of us. This is something we will probably do every year together until one day we decide to start of family…(a though that makes me want to puke but will eventually end up happening). It’s really strange to think about because at the time, it seemed so small. Just another thing to do together but when really it is the start of a new tradition. 

It’s crazy to me to think about the fact that this is my life. I honestly can’t tell you what I thought my life would be, but I am happy that it is this. This life of living with my cute blonde boy, our needy bunch of dogs, and the new traditions we are starting for ourselves. I live a life where a short trip to the pumpkin patch turns into a new family tradition. That, to me, is crazy.

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