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Things on My “Want List” – Apartment Decor!

Hello once again beautiful people! As many of you know, I recently moved into my first ever (non-student housing) apartment! And with moving into an apartment comes decorating said apartment. While Lucas and I have already completed a lot of the decor, there are still some things on my “want list” for our new place. These are things I really want for our apartment but know that it’ll take time to be able to purchase them. Eventually I will show you my whole place but for now, here is a sneak peek at my apartment style! 

For our living room

One of the biggest things still missing from our living room is some wall decor to spruce the place up. Currently we have our couch along the dominant wall in the room and the wall itself is bare. We wanted to hang something cool, like a print or a photo, and then I found these! These are super awesome, oversized wall maps of different locations all over the country. We have decided we want three, one of the biggest cities that have impacted us (and our relationship)! The thing I love most about these is how personal they are. I found them on Etsy and they have so many different locations! (Photo from Squareious Etsy shop)

Another thing we really want for our living room space is a new accent chair. Our couch is grey and the current accent chair we have is also grey. We want an accent chair that is a bright color and cool shape, one that compliments our amazing rug I found at HomeGoods (for a steal might I add!). While the current chair is nice, it doesn’t exactly add much to the space. I want similar to the Ikea chair above because the color is amazing and the shape is exactly what I am looking for! (Photo from

Finally, the last thing we really want for our living room is a new entertainment system. Again, the one we have now is fine, but it doesn’t really match what we having going on. It’s dark brown and isn’t quiet big enough to hold all of Lucas’s gaming stuff PLUS some decor pieces I already have. I have this specific one on my wish list because of it’s size, color, and number of shelves. (Image from

For our bedroom

Two words: bed. frame. We need one, we want one. Personally, I love the look of this one that you can get off of Amazon but really, I am open to anything. Currently our mattress is just on the floor which is fine, but I don’t want it to be a permanent thing. I like this one* because of the wooden slates but also like this one* because it’s basic and does the job. (Image from

Another thing I really am hoping to get for our bedroom is a tall, standing mirror. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I LOVE this one from Target. I love the wooden detail and how great of a price it is. Standing mirrors at other places are well of $100 and this one is a steal in my opinion. But since I am cheap, I am waiting for it to go on sale even more to get the best price possible. (Photo from

Similar to our living room, we want a couple of prints that can hang above our bed. I like something like these ones from Etsy, but I’m not 100% on what I want them to be. Do I want them to be a quote? A print? Something else entirely? Why do I feel like these prints will be the hardest to decide on?! (Image from inthehallway shop on

For our closet

Probably my least favorite part of our new place, the closet. It is JAM PACKED with clothes, shoes, and it acts as our laundry room as well. This is so much stuff and not enough space for it all so I want to invest in some good closet organizers. All of the ones below are ones I want to invest in and aren’t expensive, but also are “must have right nows”.

Are you getting the feel and overall desired vibe of our new place? I love my little space so much and I am excited to have it all put together and complete. Doing that though will take time and as you can tell, money. Little by little this place will become complete and with my luck, by the time we get it all put together it will be time to move again! What is your home style?

Shine on,


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